[ 6. August 2011 ]

CALL – Music and Transcendence

Von: Jason Dixon
Datum: 3. August 2011 22:09:07 MESZ
Betreff: Music and Transcendence

Music and Transcendence
November 29th 2011
Cambridge, U.K.

About the conference
This interdisciplinary conference will explore the ways in which music
relates to transcendence. Papers will consider the ways in which music
relates to infinite and ‘ultimate’ meaning as well as the ways in
which music enables the creation of meaning and fulfilment within an
‘immanent’ frame.

Within certain strands of contemporary discourse, philosophy and
theology are set in opposition. Modern philosophy tends to deny the
existence of a transcendent realm whilst theology affirms it, yet both
attempt to find a stable ground for the construction of meaning.
Historically, they can be said to have shared a common end: both have
been concerned with ontology in its deepest and broadest sense, since
both question the nature of existence, asking what it is to be, and so
making suggestions as to how one might live.

The aim of the conference is to return to the common ground shared by
philosophy and theology through an exploration of the ways in which
they engage with music. Music has not only featured prominently in
many philosophical and theological accounts of the nature of existence
and the self, but also provides a valuable resource for the creation
of meaning on a day-to-day basis. The practice of music is inherently
relational and it is thus that it is able to facilitate different
forms of transcendence: within both the performance and reception of
music the self is placed in relation to others and otherness.

Keynote speakers will include Professor Roger Scruton and Professor
Bruce Ellis Benson.

Call for Papers and Performances
Papers addressing any area of the relationship between music and
transcendence from philosophical, theological and musicological
perspectives are welcome. Proposals for performances illuminating
issues relating to the call through practice are also welcomed: these
will take place as part of a public concert.

Please email submissions to transcendence@ferdiastone-davis.com

Call deadline: September 1st 2011

Conference Website: http://musicandtranscendence.ferdiastone-davis.com