[ 5. Januar 2012 ]

CALL – New Digital/Electronic Musical Instruments for Part-Funded Collaboration – Extended Deadline Friday 20th January

Von: Lauren Sarah Hayes
Datum: 4. Januar 2012 21:40:49 MEZ
Betreff: Call for New Digital/Electronic Musical Instruments for Part-
Funded Collaboration – Extended Deadline Friday 20th January

The Inventor Composer Coaction is a novel project designed to
facilitate collaboration between composers and developers of bespoke
digital or electronic instruments, for the creation of new music. It
will take place at the Department of Music, University of Edinburgh,
during the first half of 2012.

We invite inventors of new musical instruments to submit examples of
their work. These will be displayed online, creating a public archive
of new electronic instruments. The submissions will be reviewed by a
group of upcoming and established postgraduate composers, at the
University of Edinburgh. The composers will each select an instrument
by way of a voting process. Over a three month period they will
compose a new work for the instrument and professional ensemble,
assisted through close communication with the inventor. The
compositions will be performed in a concert of new music, Edinburgh,
in 2012.

We invite submissions of new digital or electronic instruments for
Inventors Composers Coaction 2012, an interdisciplinary collaborative
project and concert. These will be reviewed by participating
composers, at the University of Edinburgh, who will be able to vote
for three instruments in order of preference. Inventors of the
selected instruments will be provided with one night’s accommodation
in Edinburgh in order to attend the event (April 2012 – to be
confirmed), as well as a small contribution towards travel costs.
Selected participants may be invited to present a short talk on one
aspect of their creative practice.

Instruments may be:

purely software (e.g. built in Max/MSP, Supercollider, Pd) augmented
instruments, including software, sensors etc. mobile devices that make
use of smartphone technology novel hardware devices, repurposed
controllers, NIMEs etc. may involve spatialisation techniques.

Please see http://www.inventorcomposer.net for submission details.
Extended deadline for submissions Friday 20th January


The University of Edinburgh is a charitable body, registered in
Scotland, with registration number SC005336.