[ 5. März 2016 ]

CALL – RADZIEJOWICE – International Summer Course for Composers SYNTHETIS 2016

Subject: RADZIEJOWICE – International Summer Course for Composers


From: Andre Bartetzki

Von: Synthetis 2016

Betreff: International Summer Course for Composers SYNTHETIS 2016

Datum: 5. März 2016


The Music Gardens Foundation is pleased to invite young composers (up to

35 years old), from the world over, to participate in the 2016 edition

of the International Summer Course for Composers SYNTHETIS, which will

take place in Radziejowice (near Warsaw, Poland) between July 18 and 30,


The participants of this year’s edition of the Course will have an

opportunity to attend lectures and individual meetings with such

renowned composers as Mark Andre, Martin Bresnick, Zygmunt Krauze and

Johannes Kreidler, as well as with the Course’s artists-in-residence

from the E-MEX Ensemble: Evelin Degen (flute), Joachim Striepens

(clarinet) and Martin von der Heydt (piano). In addition, Wojciech

Błażejczyk – Polish composer, guitarist and sound designer – will

conduct workshops on computer-aided composition techniques.

The Course’s events will be held at the Radziejowice Palace – beautiful

palace complex surrounded by picturesque landscape, situated 50 km from

Warsaw. The venue, originally dating back to the 17th century, thanks to

its unique atmosphere, has become to function as a creative work venue

for artists, writers, musicians and painters. The intimate character of

the venue provides excellent conditions to create a highly cooperative

environment and a creativity-enhancing atmosphere.

The International Summer Course for Composers SYNTHETIS, created and

directed by Zygmunt Krauze, is a successful reactivation of the

legendary composition courses initiated in 1980 by the Polish Society

for Contemporary Music. The key objective of the Course is to allow each

and every participant not only to develop his or her artistic skills,

but also to work in an environment where exchange of experience is

crucial. For this reason a special emphasis is put on the personal

interaction between the student and the tutor – apart from collective

activities included in the schedule, the Course also involves one-to-one


The submissions are open until May 10, 2016.

More information and on-line application form available at: http://www.synthetis.pl

We would appreciate the distribution of the information about the Course.

Best regards,

Organizers of SYNTHETIS 2016

Web: http://www.synthetis.pl

Facebook: Composition Course Synthetis

The Course is organized by the Music Gardens Foundation and co-financed

by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.