[ 23. März 2012 ]

CALL – request for works (small ensemble + electronics)

Von: „Broening, Benjamin“
Datum: 23. März 2012 02:31:49 MEZ
Betreff: request for works (small ensemble + electronics)

Request for Works (small ensemble)

I am interested in hearing about works for 2-6 instruments and
electronics. Available instruments include flute (double piccolo and
alto), clarinet (doubling on bass clarinet), violin (doubling on
viola), cello, percussion (one player) and piano (doubling celesta).

Any selected works would be performed on the Third Practice
Electroacoustic Music Festival (thirdpractice.org) Nov. 2-3, 2012 or
on future Third Practice festivals by eighth blackbird or other

If you would like to submit work for consideration, please email the
following to this address: bpb@thirdpractice.org.

pdf of score
url of audio or video file of the work
short description of technical requirements
program notes optional

Please note.
Submissions will not acknowledged.
Composers whose works are selected will be contacted via email.
Please do not email mp3’s or other media files.


Benjamin Broening
University of Richmond