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CALL – Second call for papers MuSA 2013

Von: John Dack
Betreff: Re: Second call for papers MuSA 2013
Datum: 19. März 2013 14:58:35 MEZ

Second call for papers

Fourth International Symposium on
Music /Sonic Art: Practices and Theories
MuSA 2013 – Karlsruhe (IMWI)
24-26 May, 2013
conference web site: musa2013.zilmusic.com

Hochschule für Musik, Karlsruhe –
Institut für Musikwissenschaft und Musikinformatik (IMWI)
Am Schloss Gottesaue 7, 76131 Karlsruhe

Keynote speaker: Philippe Manoury

We are pleased to announce the Fourth International Symposium on Music and Sonic Art: Practices and Theories (MuSA 2013), an interdisciplinary event to be held in Karlsruhe, Germany at the Institut für Musikwissenschaft und Musikinformatik (IMWI) (http://imwi.hfm.eu). The dates of the Symposium are 24-26 May, 2013.

We are delighted to announce that the keynote speaker has been confirmed as Philippe Manoury.

Proposals for sessions and individual papers for the Fourth International Symposium on Music and Sonic Art: Practices and Theories are invited from academics, independent researchers, practitioners and post-graduate students. Presentation formats include academic research papers (20 minutes + 10 minutes for discussion); reports on practice-based/artistic research or educational programmes (20 minutes + 10 minutes for discussion); and workshops and panel sessions (45 minutes + 15 minutes for discussion). The Symposium committee encourages presentations in which practice forms an integral part. All proposals will be ‘blind’ peer-reviewed. The Symposium language will be English.

The principal aim of MuSA 2013 is to advance interdisciplinary investigations in – as well as between – music and sonic art. Even if widely divergent on the surface, there are various overlaps between the concepts and techniques that underlie ‘traditional’ subject areas such as historical/critical musicology, performance studies, analysis, aesthetics, ethnomusicology and sonic art theories and practices. Interdisciplinary explorations within and across these domains benefit all those who engage creatively and/or as scholars with the phenomena of sound and music.

Proposals dealing with any subject area that is within the broad remit of the Symposium will be welcomed. Hence, the Symposium topics include – but are not limited to – the following, in relation to musical and sonic art practices and theories:

• Technology in relation to performance and/or composition

· Performance aesthetics

· Practice as research: methodology and technique

· Critical discourses on creativity, embodiment, expression

· Cultural and social processes

· Inter-artistic explorations: collaborations and tensions

· Phenomenological, psychological, cultural and historical analyses of creation/production and reception

Please submit an abstract of approximately 250-300 words as an e-mail attachment to musa2013@btinternet.com. As contributions will be ‘blind’ peer-reviewed, please do not include information that might facilitate identification from this abstract. In addition, please include separately the name(s) of the author(s), institutional affiliation (if any) and short biography (approximately 100 words). Deadline for the receipt of abstracts is Monday, 1 April. Notification of acceptance will be sent by 15 April. Please see: musa2013.zilmusic.com

The Symposium fees are: €100 for delegates, €80 for presenters and €50 for students and others who qualify for concessions.

If additional information is required please do not hesitate to contact Prof. Dr. Mine Doğantan-Dack or any member of the symposium committee:

Prof. Dr. Mine Doğantan-Dack (Middlesex University, London) – m.dack@mdx.ac.uk
Prof. Dr. Thomas A. Troge (Institut für Musikwissenschaft und Musikinformatik, Karlsruhe) – troge@hfm.eu
Dr. John Dack (Middlesex University, London) – j.dack@mdx.ac.uk
Christoph Seibert (Institut für Musikwissenschaft und Musikinformatik, Karlsruhe) – seibert@hfm.eu