[ 3. August 2014 ]

CALL – Sines & Squares Call for Works

Subject: Sines & Squares Call for Works
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 2014
From: Richard Scott

Sines & Squares Call for Works

Analogue Electronics and Modular Synthesis
25-26 October 2014 – Manchester, UK
NOVARS, Manchester University, England and Islington Mill, Salford

Submission deadline: 1, September 2014

Website: http://sines-squares.org/

About: “Sines & Squares” solicits works for its UK first event and
concert series on Analogue Electronics and Modular Synthesis,
celebrating the recent resurgence of analogue and modular synthesizers.
Details of the event and how to submit are shown below. The event will
include keynote speaker/s, fixed media concerts, live performances and
demonstrations on systems; e.g. Buchla, Serge, Eurorack, Hordijk and EMS.

What are we looking for?: We are looking for two types of submissions:
1) Musical Works and 2) “Patchbay Sessions” (which are paper and
discussion proposals).

The main focus of the event will be on analogue and hardware synthesis
but could include appropriate work realised with, or referencing,
computers and other digital tools (for example Supercollider,
game-engines, Kyma and Nord modular). The proposal should have a clear
emphasis on synthesis, be innovative and unique.

1- Musical Works: Composers / Improvisers may submit one work in any the
following categories:
– Short live performance pieces involving modular synthesizers or
similar systems
– Works for fixed media with up to eight channels emphasising the event
– Works for game-audio / game engine interactive systems in live
performance emphasising the event themes
– Audiovisual works emphasising the event themes

Duration: we are looking for works / performances preferably under 12

2- “Patchbay Sessions”: are informal paper and discussion presentations
on a topic. We are looking for abstracts patching any areas of Analogue
Electronics and Modular Synthesis with other topics such as aesthetics,
politics, gender, history, innovation, to name but a few.

Submission Fee: There is no submission fee.

Attendance: required.

Important: The organisation regrets not to be able to attend the costs
of the transport, accommodation, etc. for participants whose works were
accepted. The organisation will not provide performers for the accepted

Method: Accepted submissions via wetransfer.com
Email: submission@sines-squares.org

All submissions must include:
– Contact details of the participant (e.g. name, email, affiliation if any).
– 300 word biography of the main applicant and also for other attendees
(e.g. performer).
– Technical Requirements (*)

Music and Audiovisual Submissions:
– Music only in stereo wav, aif or flac format (e.g. 44.1 kHz/ 16 bit/24
bit). Multichannel submissions accepted but must also be accompanied
with a stereo reduction. Audiovisual submissions only on .mov or vimeo
link please.
– 300 words about the piece/proposal – please tell us how it relates to
analogue and/or modular synthesis and/or how it directly addresses the
event themes.

“Patchbay Session” paper and discussion submissions: Provide a 300-word
abstract. Full papers also accepted but must be accompanied by an abstract.

(*) Technical Requirements:
– Sines-squares will provide the baby MANTIS System (a minimum of 16
channel Genelec loudspeakers) in the John Thaw Studio Theatre and a
minimum of 4-channel system at the Islington Mill, Salford location. We
also provide video projection, mixing console, microphones, cabling and
equipped room for the paper and discussion sessions.
– Composers / performers should bring all the necessary gear (e.g.
modular synths, computers, sound cards, etc) to realise their works.
– Composers / performers must provide detail of their own performance
– Composers / performers must clarify their additional technical needs
(e.g. mixer channels, stage space, table, video, etc)

email: Ricardo Climent
email: info [at] sines-squares.org

feel free to circulate folks, come and like the Facebook page if you
want to be kept in touch