[ 15. Mai 2014 ]

CALL – Six minutes project call for assistance

From: Tohm Judson
Subject: Six minutes project call for assistance
Date: 2014 May 8

Greetings SEAMUS colleagues!

I am currently seeking assistance in a large scale project that I have
been planning for quite some time and I am hoping that some of you would
be willing to help.

six minutes:
On June 21, at precisely 6 PM Greenwich Mean Time, I am asking anyone in
the world to record six minutes of whatever they like or whatever they
are doing. My hope is to have hundreds of people capture life, as it is
happening, at the exact same moment around the world, creating and audio
time capsule. These files will then be uploaded to my site, and shared
with the world. Guest will be invited listen, explore, and download all
files that have been recorded and use as they wish. On my end, I also
plan to create a sound installation and video game that can explored and
installed and explored. Of course, that is always subject to change.

Even though this will be an audio only experience, I will accept all
forms of media. All submitted files will be converted to audio only for
this project.

If you are interested, please send an email to info@sixminutes.net
I promise you will only receive three emails from me:
One the day before, June 20th, as a gentle reminder.
One the following day, June 22, with upload instructions.
One after all data has been collected.

More information can be found at http://sixminutes.net

If you have any questions please let me know.

Thank you,
Tohm Judson