[ 14. Januar 2013 ]

CALL – Sound and Music Computing Conference 2013

From: Bill Brunson

Sound Science, Sound Experience!
Sound and Music Computing Conference 2013
Stockholm, Sweden • 30 July – 3 August 2013

The Sound and Music Computing Conference 2013 will be jointly hosted by the Sound and Music Computing Research Group at the Royal Institute of Technology
(KTH) and The Department of Composition, Conducting and Music Theory at The Royal College of Music (KMH) in Stockholm. This year SMC will be held in parallel
with the Stockholm Musical Acoustics Conference 2013. Arranged only once every ten years, the latter conference exerts a strong attraction on music acoustics
researchers worldwide and has become a milestone event for the latest decade of music acoustics.

Call for Music
Based on this year’s theme Sound Science, Sound Experience three approaches to the call for music are proposed. The first focuses on the voice, the most intimate
vehicle for producing sound that we, as humans, know. Secondly, the practice of spatialisation delineates both a space itself as well as our relationship to a given
space and other sounding entities or objects within it. The third thematic thread – audio-visual composition – acknowledges the widespread intermedial tendencies in
the digital arts where the senses of sight and hearing commingle.

We invite submissions of original compositions in the following areas:

Electroacoustic Music – Vocal Theme
• Original works in „mixed“ format for either solo voice or combinations of voices drawing upon a SATB quartet and either fixed media or live-electronics.
• Original works of fixed media / live-electronics which feature vocal materials!

Electroacoustic Music – Spatialization Theme
• Original works for electroacoustic music in either fixed media and/or liveelectronics that feature spatialization sound practices.

Intermedia – Audio-Visual Composition Theme
• Original digital works that bring together audio and visual images.
• Works are intended to be performed in a concert situation, i.e. not as installations.

SMC 2013 will include three concerts. All concert events will be held at The Royal College of Music. Our intention is to organize the concerts on an integrated basis
where works from the different thematic threads are mixed together.

Deadline for music submissions:Friday 29 March 2013
Notification of paper and music acceptance: Wednesday 15 May 2013