[ 4. Oktober 2015 ]

CALL – spor

Subject: SPOR Call for proposals 2016

From: Hein Folkmar

hier ein interessanter Hinweis von Michael Beil

Folkmar Hein

SPOR festival for contemporary music and sound art invites composers and

sound artists to submit a proposal for a new work to be realized at SPOR

2016, Aarhus, DK.



November 9th 2015.

THEME OF THE CALL AND FESTIVAL IN 2016: The proposal may describe a wide

range of projects, from works for ensemble and music theatre pieces to

sound art installations. In 2016 the festival theme is WYSI(N)WYG, an

acronym for What You See Is (Not) What You Get. With this offset we wish

to pick up the ancient theme of mimesis and the related questions to

‘reality’ and take it into modern daily life; (virtual) reality, the

many personalities we have on the internet, technology, social life

vs.social media, original vs. copy…

The submitted proposal should reflect the theme of the festival, handle

it either concrete or more abstract.

CONDITIONS AND JURY: The Call for Proposals is open to all types of

composers and sound artists, from all over the world. You may only

submit in one proposal. An international jury will judge the proposals

and choose five proposals to be realized at SPOR festival 2016. Each

selected composer/artist/group of artists will receive a fee of € 1.000

for realizing the work. SPOR will cover travel expenses of up to € 200

and provide two night’s accommodation in Aarhus, Denmark. If the Call

ensemble GAME (see below) finds it necessary and it is possible to

arrange dates that suit both ensemble and composer, there will be an

opportunity to rehearse with GAME before the festival in Brussels.

The jury members for Call for Proposals 2016 are:

Michael Beil (DE, Composer) Stefan Prins & Pieter Marthyssens (BE,

Artistic Directors Nadar Ensemble) Agostino Di Scipio (IT, composer and

sound artist) Tom Pauwels (BE, Artistic Director Call ensemble) Anna

Berit Asp Christensen & Anne Marqvardsen (DK, festival directors, SPOR)

The jury’s decision is final and cannot be legally challenged.


Type of works: Acoustic, electronic, electro-acoustic, sound

installation (with or without visuals), ensemble piece, solo performance

or music theatre.

Duration: For ensemble pieces and performances max. 15 min. Sound

installations will run through the whole festival.

Technical provision: 1 projector + screen; 1 stereo sound-system

(with a small mixer); 4 microphones.

Further instrumentalists, performers or technical equipment must be

provided by the artist/composer.

Non-technical items such as costumes, scenery and materials for

installations must be provided by the artist/composer.

Ensemble/instruments available – tutti or in smaller formations:

GAME (Ghent Advanced Master Ensemble) under the artistic direction

of Tom Pauwels:

Ruben Martinez-Orio (percussion) Primoz Zukic (guitar/e-guitar) Hannah

Reardon-Smith (flute(s) Hanna Kölbel (cello) & Gwenaëlle Rouger


GAME unites different collaborations between the students from the

Advanced Master of Contemporary Music programme at the Royal

Conservatory, Ghent, supported by Ictus and Spectra. GAME is the banner

under which a young vanguard of excellent musicians joins forces, create

new works and open-mindedly explore the most recent trends of the

contemporary music scene.

Contact: Tom Pauwels, (pauwels (a) ictus.be)

More info:




VENUES: Concert and staged works will be presented at one of the

main venues of the festival. Installations can be presented at

various venues in Aarhus (indoor/outdoor), agreed with the festival.


Fill out the PDF-form with your personal info, a

short description of your proposal and links to 2-3 sound

or video files that represent your work from the last 5 years. (download

the form here: http://bit.ly/1QWdt53)

Maximum 2 pages of text as PDF describing

one work that you wish to create and realize at the SPOR

festival 2016 + link to streaming of video and/or sound file sketches


Please name the file “Proposal_text”

CV. Please name the file “CV”

Accompanying scores in PDF format are also welcome but optional.

TIMELINE: 9. Nov. 2015: Deadline for sending in proposals.

Primo January 2016: The 5 chosen proposals will be

announced in the SPOR newsletter and on social media platforms.

1. March 2016: Deadline for delivering scores, parts and technical riders.

12.-15. May 2016: Performance/presentation at SPOR festival 2016 in Aarhus.

WHERE TO SEND THE PROPOSAL: call(at)sporfestival(dot)dk

CONTACT INFORMATION: SPOR festival Anne Bøgh (production manager)



SPOR is not able to consider proposals that do not conform to the

guidelines outlined above. Furthermore, the jury/SPOR reserves the right

to choose less than 5 proposals.