[ 21. September 2012 ]

CALL – SuperCollider Symposium 2013

Von: Cole Ingraham
Datum: 21. September 2012 22:08:14 MESZ

I am pleased to announce the call for submissions for the 2013
SuperCollider Symposium! All the information below, and plenty more,
can be found on the official website:


-Cole Ingraham


International SuperCollider Symposium – Call for Submissions

Where: Boulder, Colorado USA
Dates: Monday May 20 – Friday May 24, 2013
Submission Deadline: November 30th, 2012 midnight MST

The SuperCollider Symposium is an international event for musicians,
artists, researchers and coders working with the SuperCollider
software. It features a technical conference, introductory workshops,
and a diverse programme of music and art.


We are currently looking for proposals in the following areas. Works
in progress will be considered. All submissions will be subject to
review by an international review board after the submission deadline.
Decisions will be released by mid January 2013.

Concert Works:

There will be a number of shows able to accommodate:

-instrument(s) and electronics
-multichannel audio (stereo, quad, 5.1, up to 6 additional channels)
-a limited variety of microphones and stands are available (please
include specific needs)
-single or multichannel projection (up to 7 HD long throw projectors)
-access to Internet2 for live audio networked performance
-works for or involving the Boulder Laptop Orchestra (BLOrk): 6
Powerbooks (OSX 10.4) each with a 6 channel hemispherical speaker

For works involving instrument and SC, performers on the following
instruments are available: flute, bassoon, clarinet (Eb, Bb, A, bass),
saxophone (alto, tenor), trumpet, french horn, violin, guitar
(classical, ten string, electric, Moog), and theremin. Other
instruments/performers should be provided by the composer.

Please note that the number of multichannel audio and/or video works
is limited but there will be many more openings for smaller setups. If
accepted, the applicant should plan on providing any specialized
equipment not listed here (e.g. computers, audio interfaces, etc.).

Dance/Club Music:

Additionally we will be hosting a show geared towards dance/club
music. If you rock that scene with SC, we want to hear from you!
Please note that submissions must include substantial use of


Installation art that uses SuperCollider in some significant way will
be on display at various locations throughout Boulder for the duration
of the symposium. If accepted the artist should plan on arriving early
enough to allow for setup time. The committee will work closely with
accepted installation artists on the most suitable presentation of
their work for the conference. Please note that artists are expected
to provide their own core materials.


Proposals to lead workshops are being accepted. In particular, we are
very excited to be teaming up with SparkFun Electronics so ideas
involving physical computing, arduino, custom controllers, etc. are
greatly appreciated. The workshops should last no more than 3 hours.
Some example topics could be:

-SC + physical computing
-an introduction to … using SC
-network performance


We are looking for presentations on SuperCollider related topics.
These should be aproximately 20 minutes each. Some examples could be:

-using SC for research or analysis
-interesting workflows
-SC and other software/hardware


Please fill out the submission form and include a bio (100 words max),
your proposal (250 words max), and links to any examples (from your
website, SoundCloud, etc. [downloadable preferred]).

Submission form: http://supercollider2013.com/submissions.php
General questions: info@supercollider2013.com
Thank you and hope to see you and your work there!