[ 5. November 2013 ]

CALL – Surround Sound Works: 60×60

Von: „Robert Voisey (Vox Novus)“
Betreff: Call for Surround Sound Works: 60×60
Datum: 1. November 2013 21:37:23 MEZ

Please pass this call for works to whomever you think might be interested. (I hope you will submit your own work too.) We are looking for a great variety of works representing the electro-acoustic, acousmatic, electronic music community.

Call for Surround Sound Works: 60×60

Vox Novus and Harvestworks are inviting composers and sound artists to submit recorded works as 5.1 audio 60 seconds or less in length to be included in a special 60×60 project collaboration in New York City.

60×60 is calling for works one-minute in length for 5.1 audio playback.
Deadline: December 1

60×60 is a one-hour-long show made by sequencing 60 pre-recorded pieces by 60 different composers, each piece a minute in length or shorter. This 60×60 call for works is a unique collaboration with Harvestworks in New York City to create a 5.1 surround sound mix which will be premiered at Harvestworks multichannel TEAMLab listening room in Spring 2014.

Every one-minute piece selected will be played continuously without pause. Each of the 60 pieces selected will begin precisely at the beginning of the minute, this will mark the end of one piece and the beginning of another. Works selected that are less than 60 seconds long will be “padded” with silence either before, after, or surrounding the composition. Works may be less than 60 seconds in length, but may not exceed 60 seconds. Please note that the total duration of the work including silence may NOT exceed sixty seconds.

The 60×60 project’s definition of a record work is as follows: any work created as a musical composition which is captured on recorded media, which does not require live performers for its production in broadcast at concert halls, radio, multi-media, etc. Its creation can include but not limited to acoustic instruments, voice, environmental sources, and computer (Sampling, Max/MSP, Ableton Live, MIDI, C Sound, ProTools, etc.)

All works submitted should be with the understanding that it is their recording that is of prime importance and is what will be used to determine its selection. Since this is a multichannel work, the panel will pay special attention to the spatial aspects of your composition.

60×60 is a project of “signature works” and short works created specifically for the 60×60 project. Excerpts of larger works are strongly discouraged. Works generated from procedures (i.e. mathematical matrices, organizational systems, or computer programs,) remixed works, or themes and motives recomposed from other of the composer’s own work are acceptable. The call is open to composers of any nationality, age, or career stage.

Deadline for 60 second compositions for 60×60 is December 1, 2013. There is no admission fee.

Works selected for the 60×60 5.1 will be announced in January 2014. The 60 works selected will be announced on the Vox Novus newsletter NM421 as well as the 60×60 and Harvestworks websites. Technical details:

1) Any work between Quad and 5.1 Surround is eligible: 4.0, 5.0, 4.1, or 5.1 5-1-surround-sound.svg

2) Files have to be delivered as up to 6 individual stems, or as an interleaved file. If you send individual stems, name them according to the following conventions: L, R, C, Ls, Rs, Lfe or Sub. For example, if you send a Quad piece, the labeling should be L, R, Ls, Rs.

3) The audio quality should be 48 KHz, 16 or 24 Bit. Do not send compressed formats. The work will be distributed on a video DVD, so if you send 44.1 KHz Sample Rate, we have to convert it to 48 KHz.

4) Send the files through a delivery service such as YouSendIt, Dropbox, Droplr, SendBigFiles – or include the links for downloading the materials from your site. Include a text file with the title of the piece, name of the composer, your email address, plus a descriptive text about your work and bio. Please do not exceed 1000 characters.

5) Send the materials to hanst@harvestworks.org.

Any questions regarding the call for works can be addressed to:
Support@VoxNovus.com Any questions regarding the technical aspects can be
addressed to: hanst@harvestworks.org Studio C / TEAMLab Map

Robert Voisey

60×60 Director
Founder of Vox Novus