[ 26. Oktober 2012 ]

CALL – works for children

Von: Nicolas Marty
Betreff: call for works for children
Datum: 24. Oktober 2012 09:14:59 MESZ

From Musiques et Recherches :

We look for participants for the composition of acousmatic music for children.

We wish to launch an important piece production with the help of the acousmatic / electroacoustic community.

The purpose of this repertory is to raise young audience’s awareness of acousmatic music. Through educational workshops for beginners and trainings in acousmatic, the repertory will be promoted and will be made available to the public and participants.

During the “Sound Week” (la “Semaine du Son”), which will take place between January 21st and 27th in Belgium, 10 works selected by the organisers will be performed on the acousmonium of “Musiques & Recherches”
Concerts for children will be held on Wednesday, January 23rd 2013 at “Espace Senghor” (Brussels Cultural Centre). The audience will consist of children aged 10 to 12 from the neighbouring schools.

The pieces should not exceed 5 minutes.
The deadline for submissions is December 31st, 2012.
The theme of the repertory is „Birth“.

The style is free and all forms are welcomed. Remember that these pieces are intended to awake children’s curiosity, so we invite you to think of a didactic approach.

We wish to share these works with a large audience.
We will provide teachers and educational stakeholders with explanatory support on acousmatic.
We will add selected pieces to the Electrodoc database:

Thank you for sending your item in stereo format, 44.1 or 48 kHz, 16 or 24 bits.
We recommend you to use www[.]wetransfert[.]com
Our address is: children.acousmatic.repertory@gmail.com

If you wish to share your pieces, thanks for registering on soundcloud and for adding your piece to the following group:
Have a nice creation time!

Musically yours,
Nicolas Marty