[ 20. Dezember 2011 ]


Von: „Eva Poepplein“
Datum: 14. Dezember 2011 12:47:41 MEZ
Betreff: Merzouga-CD out now!!!

Liebe Freunde!
Rechtzeitig vor unserem 10-jährigen Merzouga-Jubiläum 2012 UND kurz
vor Weihnachten (!) kommt unsere erste Merzouga-CD heraus!!!
Heute ist unsere Klangkomposition “Mekong Morning Glory” bei dem, auf
Field-Recordings spezialisierten Label GRUENREKORDER erschienen.
Ihr könnt die CD hier bestellen


49 Minuten Merzougamusik Deluxe in bester Klangqualität mit
hochwertigem, 12-seitigen Booklet kosten 15,- Euro. Wer also noch ein
Weihnachtsgeschenk braucht, hier ist DIE GELEGENHEIT!!!

Wir freuen uns riesig über eine wunderschöne CD und über die tolle
Zusammenarbeit mit einem sehr engagierten Label, das sich in seiner
hoch-spezialisierten Nische in den letzten Jahren einen
internationalen Ruf erarbeitet hat.

Alles Gute,
Eure Eva

Audio-CD Release by GRUENRKEORDER (GRUEN092)

The Mekong River is one of the world’s major rivers. On its more than
4.000 km long way from its source in the Tibetan Plateau to the Delta
in South Vietnam it passes an altitude difference of 5.000 km, travels
through seven countries, three climatic zones and three different
culture areas.

On an extensive journey Eva and I followed the lower course of the
Mekong River and travelled downstream through Laos, Cambodia and
Vietnam. On its way the Mae Nam Khong, the „Mother River of All
Things“, creates all life around it. It determines the flora and
fauna, floods rice-fields and synchronizes the life of people.
Everywhere along its banks buzzing, fertile, tropical life shoots up.
We set off with our microphone to collect the sounds that this
bustling activity of life creates.

A significant compositional approach is the metamorphosis and the
merging of sounds. We examine field-recordings in regard to their
musical qualities („Music in the sense of meaningful sound-patterns“-
Bill Fontana) and fuse them with electronically processed electric
bass sounds. The piece’s compositional arc is inspired by the lower
course of the river that flows in a gigantic crescendo-movement
towards the sea. As a poetic musical analogy to the dark jungle river
we use my prepared bass guitar, this long-waved instrument that
generates all the musical sounds in the composition. Using Chinese
chopsticks, golf balls, knitting needles and wine corks I have been
systematically altering and expanding the sound spectrum of my
instrument for the past decade.

We embark upon an acoustic journey that begins on the banks of the
Mekong but reaches far beyond them. Just like the traveler entering
the tropical foreignness, the listener enters an acoustic place that
quickly condenses into an unreal world of metamorphosis. (Janko


Merzouga: Eva Pöpplein & Janko Hanushevsky
Field-Recordings taken by Merzouga in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam,
autumn 2008.
Composed by Merzouga in Cologne/Germany, summer 2009.
Mixed and mastered by Eva Pöpplein in Cologne/Germany, autumn 2009.
Commissioned and produced by Deutschlandradio Kultur/Klangkunst.
Commissioning editor: Marcus Gammel. Premiere broadcast on November 6,
Design by Sebastian Ristow, FLATLAB. Photos by Merzouga. Artists
portrait by Jörg Küster.

Merzouga would like to thank: Roland Etzin, Lasse-Marc Riek, Marcus
Gammel, Deutschlandradio Kultur and SKE-Fonds.
Special Thanks to: Andres Bosshard for the liner notes, Sonja Harth
for being Merzouga’s third ear, Peter Herbert for his friendship and
his continuous inspiration, our families for their love and support
and last but not least our worldwide network of friends.

Dedicated to Mira.


Eva Pöpplein …
http://www.evapoepplein.com / http://www.merzougamusic.com