[ 26. Mai 2017 ]

CONFERENCE – Information on ICAD 2017

Von: Mark Ballora via cec conference
Datum: Wed, 24 May 2017
Betreff: [cec-c] Information on ICAD 2017

The International Community of Auditory Display (ICAD) 2017 conference will be held at the University Park campus of Penn State University from June 20-23. This year’s theme is Sound in Learning, with an emphasis on making sonification a part of scientific pedagogy, and the question of whether a generation of students raised to regard science as something that is heard as well as seen might not have a more holistic and intuitive understanding of material than is currently experienced by students who are presented with visual materials only.

ICAD’s program consists of contributions use that data for sound in musical, scientific, and applied efforts.

MUSIC: The conference will include a concert with seven pieces based on the Irish GDP during the worldwide financial crash, the solar system, MRI signals, the 2016 Central Italian earthquake, acoustic interference patterns, node data, and trumpet expanded with electronics. There will also be six installations based on an artist’s relationship with everyday sounds, tropical storm data, data-driven musical composition, tweets in response to a ferry accident in Korea, a smart exercise application, and audio convolution.

SCIENCE: The conference program will include five paper sessions, based on Language, Movement, Navigation & Noise, Ecology, Games, Philosophy/Aesthetics, and Computing. There will also be optional workshops on Higher Order Ambisonics, a live coding sonification system for web browsers, and auditory interactions in automated vehicles.

APPLIED: The conference will feature a Do-A-Thon to explore ways to increase the visibility and viability of sonification on the web, a poster session, a competition in turning brainwaves into sounds, and a pre-conference research forum for graduate students.

– Composer and software developer Carla Scaletti, creator of the Kyma sound design environment and researcher in sonification since the field’s inception.
– Elizabeth Cohen, founder of Cohen Acoustical Inc., whose clients have included the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, CBS, Digital Theater Systems, Dolby Labs, Grateful Dead Productions, Meyer Sound, and the Walt Disney Company.

The presentations and participants will represent a diverse blend of the sciences, informatics, and the arts. This is evidenced by the support the conference is receiving: from the university’s College of Arts and Architecture, College of Information Sciences and Technology, the Department of Acoustics, the Office of the Vice President for Research, and the National Science Foundation.

The complete program, as well as information regarding registration and lodging, may be found at http://icad.org/icad2017/.