[ 15. Oktober 2012 ]

COVENTRY – INTIME 2012 Symposium, Coventry University 19th & 20th October

Von: Tom Williams
Betreff: INTIME 2012 Symposium, Coventry University 19th & 20th October
Datum: 14. Oktober 2012 14:47:33 MESZ

INTIME 2012 Symposium, Coventry University
19th & 20th October

Register online: http://www.coventry.ac.uk/intime

Day 1 Coventry Techno Centre
08.30 Registration and Refreshments

Paper Session 1, chair: Julian Hellaby
09.15 Psychological perspectives on the notational representation of time – Lauren Hadley
09.40 Virtuosity, Flow, and Re-Notating Modernism – David Pocknee
10.10 Musical complexity: nature of limits and limits of nature – Lukas Huisman
10.35 The Status of notation in spectral composition: Theory & Practice – Isabel De Berrie

Paper Session 2, chair: Nicole Panizza
11.30 The Fluxus Tree: live performance of common practice music notation generated in real-time using algorithms and physical movement – Richard Hoadley
12.00 Compositional Process and Notational Implications in Ligeti’s ‚Continuum für Cembalo‘ – John McKean
12.25 Scores as instruments – James Saunders 13.00 Lunch Installation: Daren Pickles and Nick Peters

Keynote session 1, chair: Michael Clarke
14.00 Communicating through notation- Michael Finnissy and Amanda Bayley

Paper Session 3, chair: John Habron
15.30 Composer-performer collaboration and computer-generated notation: (pre)compositional strategies in Sam Hayden’s ‘surface / tension’ (2012) for oboe and piano – Sam Hayden
15.55 The Use of Notation in the Contemporary Practice and Study of Persian Classical Music – Ignacio Agrimbau
16.20 The map is not the territory – Chris Evans
16.35 The Music Score and the Indeterminacy Principle – Adam Collis
16.50 Ariach all gabbe levena: Notation is not a passive function – Chris Foster
17.05 Exploring Musically the Sonic -Ergotic Medium- Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos
17.20 DIY 4 – stimulating the cellist’s melatonin: A non-musical analysis – Gregory Emfietzis

19.30 Concert 1 – Madeleine Shapiro cello
Theatre Studio, Ellen Terry Building, Coventry University

Salvatore Sciarrino: Ai limiti della note – acoustic cello
Matthew Burtner: Fragments From Cold – cello & fixed media
Tom Williams: Dart – amplified cello, digital delays & fixed media

Ge Gan-ru: Yi Feng – amplified cello
Gregory Emfietzis*: DIY 4: Stimulating the Cellist’s Melotonin for cello and lamp
Gayle Young: Avalon Shorelines – cello, 4.0 fixed media
*winner of the INTIME 2012 International Student Composition Competition

Day 2, Coventry Techno Centre

Paper Session 4, chair: Adam Collis
09.15 Musical Recycling: ‚Borrowing‘ techniques in Alexander Goehr’s ‚System Disorders Reach‘ – Ann-Kristin Sofroniou
09.40 From Both Sides Now: Composer and Performer Perspectives on Notational Practice – Tom Armstrong
10.05 S/Core – Exploring metaphor in the creative process – Michael Beiert
10.30 Le fils des etoiles: notation and performance – Christopher Hobbs

Paper Session 5, chair- Ellen Terry Building (ET101): Christopher Hobbs
11.35 An Aria with Words of Nothing: Exploring verbal and graphic notation for voice and piano – Alexis Porfiriadis, Andreas Papapetrou and Sapfo Pantzaki
12.00 Affecting, Evoking, Remembering: Composing Notated Parts for Expert Improvising Jazz Musicians – Steve Tromans
12.25 Case studies in the musical impact of the visual image concluding with a performance of Ives Three page Sonata – Philip Mead
13:00 Installation: Daren Pickles and Nick Peters

14.00 Concert 2 –
ET101, Ellen Terry Building, Coventry University

Richard Hoadley: Fluxus Tree – automatic composition for instrument
Tom Williams: Rip Tide – solo piano, piano: Philip Mead
Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos and Edgar Berdahl: Engraving/Hammering/Casting (2012) – haptic interface: Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos
Chris Foster: Ariach all gabbe levena – viola and piano, viola: Morgan Goff, piano: Michael Finnissy
James Saunders: with Paper
Alexis Porfiriadis: Aria for voice(s)/Words of Nothing for piano player(s) – Voice: Sapfo Pantzaki, Piano:Andreas Papapetrou
Sam Hayden: surface/tension – oboe and piano, oboe: Christopher Redgate, piano: Stephen Robbings

Paper Session 6, chair: John Habron
16.00 Musical Notation and Electronic Technology a Pragmatic Perspective – Daren Pickles
16.15 Comparison of analytical representations of electroacoustic music: pictographic versus symbolic – René Mogensen
16.30 Keynote session 2: Dialogues Enmeshed- Michael Clarke, Madeleine Shapiro and Tom Williams
17.30 Plenary panel – John Habron (Chair)

18.15 Conference closes