[ 7. Dezember 2021 ]

DEGEM News – FWD – [ak-discourse] Anestis Logothetis Centenary Symposium – University of Athens, December 7 & 8

Von: Pavlos Antoniadis via ak discourse
Datum: Mon, 6 Dec 2021
Betreff: [ak-discourse] Anestis Logothetis Centenary Symposium – University of Athens, December 7 & 8

Dear all,

in the link below you may find the programme of the International Centenary Symposium on Anestis Logothetis at the University of Athens, which I have organised in collaboration with Prof. Anastasia Georgaki, Prof. Iakovos Steinhauer and Maro Baveli:


I will also be animating a round table on Anestis Logothetis’ book, Zeichen als Aggregatzustand der Musik, from the point of view of Embodied Cognition and Human-Computer Interaction in Music Representation today. With a fantastic interdisciplinary gender-balanced group, including Benjamin Bacon (TU Berlin), Prof. Cat Hope (Monash University), Alexis Porfiriadis (PhD, Bath Spa University), Katerina ElRaheb (University of Peloponnese), Prof. Sarah Fdili Alaoui (LRI-Université Paris-Sud 11, Ex)Situ INRIA), Prof. Stella Paschalidou (Hellenic Mediterranean University) and Prof. Georg Hajdu (HfMT Hamburg).

The full programme, including talks, concerts, workshops and the round table, can be followed online here:

Best Regards


Dr Pavlos Antoniadis
TU-Audiokommunikation Berlin / Humboldt Stiftung Fellow