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DEGEM News – FWD – [ak-discourse] CFP musiLudens: International Conference on Music, Media and Play

Von: Lepa, Steffen via ak discourse
Datum: Tue, 29 Nov 2022
Betreff: [ak-discourse] CFP musiLudens: International Conference on Music, Media and Play

It is with great pleasure that we announce the call for papers for
musiludens: International Conference on Music, Media, and Play, which will take place between April 19 and 21, 2023, at Universidade Federal Fluminense (Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). We welcome papers in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

*Important dates:*

Submissions: from November 11, 2022, to January 13, 2023

Notification of Acceptance: January 31, 2023

Conference Registration (authors): from February 1 to 15, 2023

Submissions must be made via the conference website, at: https://musiludens.medialudens.cc/ <https://musiludens.medialudens.cc/>

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: musiludens@medialudens.cc

*musiludens: International **Conference **on Music, Media, and Play*

/Play/is a recurrent structure that permeates the most varied human cultures (Huizinga, 1990; Caillois, 1961). Its rules, lifeworlds, and mechanics provide the basis for social constructions that affect ways of existing and interacting with the environment in which subjects are inserted, influencing the communicational processes and the relationships we establish with each other and the media we consume. It is not anydifferent with music. Play and music are intrinsically connected in the acts of playing an instrument;of wandering through different tones during music creation – following pre-established molds or ignoring them completely, subverting conventions, and creating anew /game/(Henriot, 1983);untilthe momentof catharsiswhen live music turns intocarnival. Playing, however, also means revealing positions of power: who decides what we play and whether we play;who bringsthe ball;who sets the rules of the game;and who can genuinely choose to play or not.

Today, both music and games represent an essential part of a media ecosystem focused on pop culture. Video games have experienced vertiginous growth during the Covid-19 pandemic and even before have been vitalin creating fantastic stories and socialenvironments, supporting a billionaire entertainment-focused industry. The music and games industries go hand in hand, whetherit is byusing popstars‘ personalities to boost video game sales orbyinserting songsinto gamesin orderto boostmusicians’careers.

In this context, we present musiludens: International Conference on Music, Media, and Play. We invite researchers interested in the intersection between Cultural Studies, Media Studies,Musicologyand Game Studies, among other related areas, to join us at Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), in Rio de Janeiro, between the 19th and 21st of April 2023. UFF presents an ideal academic environment for our proposal, being the home of the first Media Studies undergraduate course in Brazil, as well as the mediaLudens research group, focused on the various relationships between play, culture, and communication;and LabCult, which specializes in sound, music, entertainment and communication technologies. Among the speakers in our program are researchers from different regions of Brazil, Chile (Ariel Valdenegro), and Europe (Melanie Fritsch), thus bringing together different perspectives to think about the intersectionsbetween music, games,mediaand play.

We invite submissionsof extendedabstracts in the following— but not exclusive —thematic keys:

* History of sound and music in video games;
* The influence of piracy on the sound of video games consumed in
Latin America;
* Relations between the Global North and South in the consumption of
music and games;
* Social spaces built around music and games;
* Video game music performances;
* Virtual music scenes in games and virtual environments;
* Intersections between music genres and game genres;
* Music, video games, and intersectionality;
* Music technologies and games in communicative processes;
* Chip Music, Chiptune, Gameboy Music;
* Music instruments as places of artistic creation;
* /Maker /culture and creativity;
* The playfulness in interactive music videos;
* Music in popular festivals: from play spaces to sacred spaces;
* Playfulness in popular music.

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