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DEGEM News – FWD – [ak-discourse] WG: Funded PhD – „The neuroaesthetics of immersive sounds“ @ SOUND/IMAGE Research Centre – University of Greenwich

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Datum: Tue, 13 Feb 2024
Betreff: [ak-discourse] WG: Funded PhD – „The neuroaesthetics of immersive sounds“ @ SOUND/IMAGE Research Centre – University of Greenwich

The neuroaesthetics of immersive sounds – neurochemical profiling and neurophysiological characterization


This interdisciplinary PhD scholarship (Vice Chancellor Scholarship) aims to elucidate neurochemical dynamics and mechanisms underlying the aesthetic emotions elicited by exposure to different immersive sound scenarios.


We are looking for a PhD candidate with cross-disciplinary knowledge and experience in neuroscience and spatial sound (musical) experiences, to undertake a research project into the neural mechanisms responsible for processing immersive soundscapes, to improve our understanding of the mechanisms and dynamics of how aesthetic encounters are processed in the brain.


Working with a supervisory team across the SOUND/IMAGE Research Centre and the Centre for Organized and Functional Molecules FES, this cross-disciplinary team will ensure the required skills in spatiality and creativity, molecular and cellular neurobiology with analysis of biomarkers, and neuroimaging for this interdisciplinary research project.


The results of our experiments should yield important insights into the neurobiology and mechanisms of aesthetic experiences, providing more quantitative means for improving self-connection, creativity, prosocial behaviours and cognitive flexibility, leading to better mental health.


Full details via the link: https://docs.gre.ac.uk/rep/communications-and-recruitment/the-neuroaesthetics-of-immersive-sounds-neurochemical-profiling-and-neurophysiological-characterization






Prof. Andrew Knight-Hill

Professor of Music and Sound Arts,
SOUND/IMAGE Research Centre,
University of Greenwich, London.




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