[ 18. Mai 2021 ]

DEGEM News – FWD – Mills College Center for Contemporary Music

Von: David Bernstein via Alvin Curran via Kirsten Reese
Datum: 17. Mai 2021
Betreff: Wtr: Mills College Center for Contemporary Music

Dear Friends of Mills Music

I hardly ever do any soliciting… but this Mills Music Petition is close to my heart…
I have emailed to several prominent ex students whose names are listed Cc, and then to many friends around the world whose names do not appear in the list David Bernstein’s list below….Bcc

Many thanks in advance for signing this,

All Best, Alvin C

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Please see the link below to a petition protesting the closure of the Mill College Music Department and Center for Contemporary Music. It would be wonderful if each of you signed it, posted it, and sent it to others.


David Bernstein
Professor of Music and
Head of the Music Department
Mills College