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DEGEM News – FWD – Sounds Of Survival – from ukrainian underground – NOLAND / SKP Records – out now!

Von: Gebrüder Teichmann News
Datum: 04.03.22
Betreff: Sounds Of Survival – from ukrainian underground – NOLAND / SKP Records – out now!

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This compilation is tended to give visibility to our beloved friends in the Ukraine. Being an underground artist in the Ukraine has never been an easy path to choose. This war is not only an attack on their lives, but on their passionate existence as musicians.
In the last couple of days we were coordinating this compilation. Our friend Dubmasta, who is based in Kyiv, was collecting tracks from friends of the local scene, around the SKP Records collective. The internet was bad, communication complicated. We get worried, whenever we don´t get an response.
Foa Hoka´s singer and musician Dmytro Kurovskiy wrote that he is sitting in a basement in Chernihiv in the dark, while constant airstrikes hit the city. A rocket exploded close to his studio, the windows got crashed, but synthesizers and equipment could be saved for the moment. Still under these circumstances Dmytro managed to send material and photos.

It feel important to us under the current circumstances that this compilation come out under Bandcamp’s “payment what you want” model. All money from the sales will go directly to SKP collective, to support the artists and their families.
Additionally, we would kindly ask you to consider donating directly to support humanitarian help for the people in Ukraine:

This compilation wouldn´t have been possible without Serge Dubrovskiy AKA Dubmasta (Kyiv), Oleksiy Mikrykov AKA King Imagine (Kyiv) and Dmytro Kurovskiy (Chernihiv) in Ukraine.
Many thanks to Helmut Erler for providing the mastering, Brenda Alamilla for the artwork and Deadbeat for help and support.

With love from NOLAND,

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