[ 4. Februar 2018 ]

DEGEM News – LEICESTER – Upcoming concerts, Music, Technology & Innovation, De Montfort University, Leicester UK

Von: James Andean via cec conference
Datum: Mon, 29 Jan 2018
Betreff: [cec-c] Upcoming concerts, Music, Technology & Innovation, De Montfort University, Leicester UK

After a strong start to the Music, Technology & Innovation Spring 2018 concert season at De Montfort University, Leicester UK, here is a list of upcoming concerts and events.

Highlights include concerts by visiting performers including Irvine Arditti and Thomas Gorbach, and a special concert dedicated to the work of MTI’s Professor of Audiovisual Composition, Bret Battey.

If you are anywhere near Leicester for any of these dates, come by and have a listen!

For more information on any of these events, contact: james.andean@dmu.ac.uk

Music, Technology & Innvoation 2017-18 concert series – Spring 2018:

Wednesday January Jan 31st 2018, 7pm, PACE, De Montfort University:

MTI presents: A Glorious Gallimaufry


Our second concert of 2018 offers a wonderfully eclectic mix – from animated scores for string quartet, to turntablism and soundscapes, to dance with electronic noise sculptures!!

Featuring: Ligeti Quartet, NikNak, Neal Spowage & Danai Pappa





PACE building, Richmond Street, Leicester UK, LE2 7BQ

Thursday February 1st, 2018, 8pm, The Shed, 5 Yeoman Street, Leicester:

IVW: Something Completely Different – An Evening Of Experimental Music


Prepare to experience innovative and exciting forms of live music from artists that smash the boundaries of modern music and make their own rules. Step outside of your comfort zone and sample the wonderful weirdness of the underground experimental scene and be inspired by the sound of something completely different to your usual recycled indie pop band. If you are musically and artistically curious, this is not an evening to miss.

Something Completely Different is a monthly event, taking place on the first Thursday of every month, that provides a stage and a networking platform for the vibrant experimental music and performance art scene. Each month features a hand picked artist from the experimental world, as well as an open stage for artists to showcase their performances and collaborations.

Performing on February 1st are:


Dirty Electronics Ensemble

Tom Carnell and Matt Rogerson

1,000,000,000,000 ‚o‘ Clock

This event is £4 advance (+fees), £5 on the door. Doors are 8pm.

Age restriction: 14+, under 16s with an adult.

Wednesday February 7th 2018, 5:30pm, The Gallery, De Montfort University:

MTI presents: Irvine Arditti/Music of Today


(Note start time & venue – 5:30 pm, The Gallery, DMU)

Escape for an hour and enjoy a performance of fresh new music presented in The Gallery at DMU.

Opening the programme, Salvatore Sciarrino’s ‚Sei Capricci‘ for solo violin is a modern counterpart to Paganini’s devilishly difficult études. This is followed by MTI postgrad Susanne Grunewald’s ‚Golden Turtle‘, a captivating piece for cello, electronics and visuals that tells the story of a magical sword after the Vietnamese King’s final battle against the Chinese Ming Dynasty in 1428. Closing the concert, MTI Prof. Simon Emmerson’s ‚Stringscape‘ for violin and electronics; a mosaic of sounds reminiscent of Berg, Webern and Ligeti.

Irvine Arditti violin

Karen Stephenson cello

This concert is part of the Philharmonia Orchestra’s Music of Today series.

The Gallery, the Vijay Patel Building, De Montfort University. Free entry.

Contact: music@dmu.ac.uk


Wednesday February 21st 2018, 7:30pm, PACE, De Montfort University:

MTI presents: Thomas Gorbach


(Note the late start time)

Thomas Gorbach is the founder of Austria’s first concert series dedicated to acousmatic music. With this project—The Acousmatic Project—he researched intensively for 10 years in order to build a multichannel loudspeaker orchestra, now called The Vienna Acousmonium.

Two festivals are organized every year, presenting international artists working on computer-generated sounds and multichannel live diffusion. In Leicester Thomas Gorbach will talk about the development of his diffusion technique called Ephemer Dynamic-Motion Soundsculptures and will project his latest works in concert alongside pieces by his colleagues Caroline Profanter and Martina Claussen.

Thomas Gorbach: Viola Sylvestris (stereo, 2015, 16’42“)

Caroline Profanter: Issue (stereo, 2014, 7’24”)

Thomas Gorbach: Four Variations with Ribbed Sounds (stereo, 2014, 9’32”)

Martina Claussen: Lisa (stereo, 10’00”)

Thomas Gorbach: Inside-Out in Lines and Curves (stereo, 2017, 14’39”)

PACE building, Richmond Street, Leicester UK, LE2 7BQ

Friday March 2nd 2018, 6pm, Phoenix, 4 Midland Street, Leicester, Screen 2:

Visual Bits, Audible Bytes 2018

Visible Bits Audible Bytes 2018

The 9th annual Visible Bits Audible Bytes screening brings more genre defying audio-visual art to our cinema screens. From the ecstatic to the sublime, from the chaotic to the calmed: see how artists and musicians around the world are using new technologies to animate imaginative audio-visual worlds. Going beyond the bounds of traditional narrative, abstract flows of image and sound invite wonder and contemplation. Curated by Prof Bret Battey of DMU’s Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre.

This is a free event but booking is essential.

Wednesday March 7th 2018, 7pm, PACE, De Montfort University

MTI presents: Postgraduate Concert


Works & performances by some of our wonderful postgraduate students, including Emma Margetson, Francesc Martí, & more.

Wednesday March 14th 2018, 5:30pm, Hugh Aston Building 0.08, De Montfort University:

DMUtalks: Generative Audio-visual Composition: Dialoguing with Complex Systems –

An inaugural lecture by Professor Bret Battey

In this lecture Professor Battey will describe aspects of his multidisciplinary approach to creating audio-visual compositions. He applies algorithmic means to humanistic ends — seeking to create complex but coherent audio-visual flows, which he links to a Buddhist sense of impermanence. This involves a process of coding and dialoguing with unpredictable algorithms to discover and develop new artistic potentials.

The talk will include discussion of his new OptiNelder visual-effect system, which involves animating the processes of Nelder-Mead optimization (used by mathematicians to find solutions to complex, multi-variable problems that cannot be addressed by solving equations). He will also discuss his Nodewebba software, which networks iterative-function pattern generators to give rise to emergent musical or visual behaviours. The talk will also serve as a prelude to his 50th-birthday retrospective concert in PACE 1 on April 11.

The evening will begin with refreshments from 5.30pm, with the talk beginning at 6.00pm. A drinks reception and canapés will be available following the lecture.

For further information please contact the events office on (0116) 250 6066 or email eventsoffice@dmu.ac.uk

Wednesday April 11th 2018, 7pm, PACE, De Montfort University:

MTI presents: Bret Battey Semicentennial Concert


A concert celebrating the work of MTI’s Professor of Audio-visual Composition, Bret Battey.

Wednesday April 25th 2018, 7pm, PACE, De Montfort University:

MTI presents: Undergraduate Concert

End-of-year works by some of MTI’s wonderful undergraduate students.