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DEGEM News – MADEIRA – Madeira Micro Film Festival / Official Program | 5-8.12.2017

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Datum: Thu, 23 Nov 2017
Betreff: MMiFF : Madeira Micro Film Festival / Official Program | 5-8.12.2017

We are happy to finally announce this year’s film program.

The sixth edition of the Madeira Micro Film Festival will again take place at Cine Sol, a wonderful Art Déco cinema nestled atop a cliff and the John Dos Passos Cultural Centre located in the sleepy, seaside village of Ponta Do Sol on the flower island of Madeira. With a limited capacity of 180 guests, this intimate festival is set to be a magical and adventurous experience for cineastes. All of the films will be national premieres.

Space is the Place (1974 / USA / Sci-fi/Music / 85 min) by John Coney (out of competition)
„Space is the Place has more than a few hokey moments, but it also illuminates Ra’s work. For him, outer space wasn’t just a gimmick or a convenient source of song titles. It was a zone where racism was inoperative.“ -The New York Times

Euthanizer by Teemu Nikki (2017 / Finland / Thriller/Comedy / 85 min)
„Propelled by vibrant, B-movie enthusiasm, The Euthanizer offers the brazen psychological insights and aesthetic brio of classic exploitation movies like Cockfighter or God Told Me To.“ -Toronto Film Festival

Gook by Justin Chon (2017 / USA / Drama / 96 min)
„Justin Chon looks at bigotry through the eyes of two Korean brothers in L.A.’s South Central in 1992. The result is hardass yet hypnotically beautiful.“ -Rolling Stone

Pin Cushion by Deborah Haywood (2017 / UK / Drama / 85 min)
„Pin Cushion is most emotionally piercing in depicting the daily ways in which the world still punishes this loving, mild-as-milk woman for her difference.“ -Variety

Train Driver’s Diary by Milos Radovic (2016 / Serbia / Comedy / 85 min)
„Train Driver’s Diary is a lot of fun; jokes are macabre without being distasteful, conflicts are emotional without feeling melodramatic, and generally the whole film runs smoothly, and arrives on time with a sweet and affecting resolution.“ -Raindance Festival

Les Affamés by Robin Aubert (2017 / Canada / Drama/Horror / 110 min)
„Robin Aubert’s idiosyncratic and nuanced drama breathes fresh life into the zombie apocalypse subgenre.“ -Variety

More about our films here: http://mmiff.com/program2017/
Tickets are on sale here: http://mmiff.com/tickets/
Facebook: http://bit.ly/MMiFF2017
Pictures from last year: http://flic.kr/s/aHskJH7sPW

Our jury members for this year are Portuguese-Brazilian actress Joana de Verona, contemporary Swiss pop-artist Sylvie Fleury and Tobias Nölle, director of last year’s MMiFF laureate with the psychological drama „Aloys“.

If you happen to arrive a few days ahead, don’t miss our MADEIRADiG music festival, on 1st to 4th December: http://www.madeiradig.com
Hope to see you in paradise!

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