[ 22. März 2018 ]

DEGEM News – MONTREAL – Andrea Young and Concordia Laptop Orchestra, a Walk in Le PARC

Von: Eldad Tsabary via cec conference
Datum: Thu, 22 Mar 2018
Betreff: [cec-c] Andrea Young and Concordia Laptop Orchestra, a Walk in Le PARC

Concordia University, Milieux Institute’s Performing Arts Research Cluster (Le PARC) and The Department of Music invite you today Thursday (22 March) to a „Walk in Le PARC“ research/creation event.

Open and free for the public, this event will include:
1. 10:30 AM: A research presentation by Andrea Young: „The Digital Voice Interface: Compositions and Performances“
2. 8:00 PM: A performance by Concordia Laptop Orchestra with Andrea Young

————-Young’s research presentation will take place at:
The Milieux Institute Resource Centre
EV building, 11th Floor
Concordia University
1515 Saint-Catherine St W, Montreal, QC H3G 2W1

„The Digital Voice Interface is a live analysis of voice which extracts individual features that may control any parameter of electronic sound. The voice is both the instrument and the interface for the live-electronics which is, in turn, infused with “vocality”. Through a demonstration of this tool, a question of vocality is raised: is vocality more than the sum of its features, and if so, does the process of voice lend a greater vocality than the sound of the voice itself? A philosophical, musical and scientific discussion of voice provides both content and form for new works featuring The Digital Voice Interface in live-electronic and chamber ensemble settings.“

————-The evening performance with CLOrk will take place at:
Department of Music
MB Building, 8th floor, Room 245
Concordia University
1450 Guy Street, MB building, 8th fl., Montreal, Quebec H3H 0A1

This time, CLOrk takes the form of an electronic big band, with guest soloist Andrea Young, and supporting soloists on laptops, accordion, electric guitar, melodica, baritone sax, double bass, bicycle chimes, and other surprises.

Location: Concordia University, Department of Music
John Molson Building, 1450 Guy St.
8th floor, room #245
Free admission

CLOrk members:
Nathaniel Bachelder StPierre, Daniel Bevc, Anthony Caci, Creighton Clark, Aidan Diaz, Sam Donald, Liam Driscoll, AFamiil Irani, Oliver Glen-Carter, Koal Harrison, Gunnar Phaedrus Heiberg, Matt Jacobson, Hoo Shi, Nick Lavigne, Kurtis Mitchell, Partty Pat Pat, Alexandre Paradis, Kasey Pocius, Freddie LaBrash, Kayla Kloud, Dany Armaros, Jevon Voon, Alex Walters, Jay Whatson, Tatum Wilson, Eldad Tsabary (dir.)