[ 11. Oktober 2019 ]

DEGEM News – NEWS – Call for Applications: PhD in Music and Multimedia Composition at Brown University

Von: Ed Osborn via cec conference
Datum: Mon, 7 Oct 2019
Betreff: [cec-c] Call for Applications: PhD in Music and Multimedia Composition at Brown University

Admissions are now open at Brown University for fully-funded Ph.D.’s in the Music and Multimedia Composition program. We encourage applicants from a wide range of diverse influences and methods to apply. Students in the program will produce, analyze, and perform original works that may include the use of electronic music, acoustic composition and sound in combination with video, performance, installation and text. They will conduct advanced inquiry into the cultural, theoretical, technical, and aesthetic issues surrounding music and multimedia production in close collaboration with faculty researchers strongly invested in real-time, interactive sonic and visual media, sound art, instrument design and acoustic composition. In addition to faculty mentorship, students can collaborate with a broad array of visiting artists and professional performing ensembles presented on the Brown University campus.

The graduate program in Music and Multimedia Composition offers an array of resources unique to Brown. Students have access to the department’s Multimedia and Electronic Music Experiments (MEME) studios, and the university’s Granoff Center for the Creative Arts. These specialized research facilities house recording studios, electronics shops, project studios, exhibition and performance spaces. Regular opportunities exist to interface with the larger arts and digital media communities at Brown, at the nearby Rhode Island School of Design, in Providence and the New England region. Music and Multimedia Composition students also partake in the many scholarly offerings of the Musicology and Ethnomusicology Ph.D. program, with faculty specialties in technoculture, sound studies, copyright, improvisation and timbre. A Brown doctoral degree in Music and Multimedia Composition leads to a career in college and university teaching, or to a position in applied research and creative work outside of higher education.

All PhD students receive full funding for 5 years, including costs for tuition and health insurance, plus stipends for fellowships and teaching assistantships. Online application is through the Brown University Graduate School website: https://www.brown.edu/academics/gradschool/ . The application deadline is December 15th.

There will be two Open House events for prospective students this year, one on October 18th and one on November 22nd . The events are for visitors to learn more about the PhD program and will provide an overview of its research, curriculum, production resources, and student support. Faculty and current students will be available to discuss the program, provide a tour of the facilities, and answer questions.

For further information see http://brown.edu/go/mmc or contact Ed Osborn, Director of Graduate Study.

Ed Osborn