[ 25. November 2018 ]

DEGEM News – NEWS – Call for Female-Identifying Composers/Sound Artists

Von: Pierre Alexandre Tremblay
Datum: Sun, 25 Nov 2018
Betreff: Call for Female-Identifying Composers/Sound Artists

Dear all

This call is for composers who identify as female, with multi-loudspeaker ideas, dreams, ambitions, and desires: the HISS is supporting this amazing call to work in the SPIRAL and on our sound system. Beware, the turn around is short (14th December 2018).

Huddersfield Professional Development Programme for Female Composers of Electronic Music

Should you need an introduction to the Huddersfield Immersive Sound System: thehiss.org
or the SPIRAL? https://www.genelec.com/multi-channel-experiment-huddersfield-university