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DEGEM News – NEWS – DEADLINE Master Sound Art-Composition Course 01.11.2018

Von: Kiefer, Prof. Peter
Datum: Tue, 23 Oct 2018
Betreff: DEADLINE Master Sound Art-Composition Course 01.11.2018

DEADLINE Master Sound Art-Composition Course 01.11.2018

Sound Art Composition Course

School of Music at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.

Summer Term 2019


Since 2010 the master’s degree course in sound art composition enables students to study at a German college of music for a “Master of Music” in this field for the first time. The course of study is open to artists, musicians and others who would like to intensively grapple artistically with the area of sound art composition.

The study program is open to students of many fields and can be done in German or English.

The course of studies is based on the newest developments of the intermediary understanding of music and art that has developed in the past two decades. One focus is on the sound of spaces – particularly public spaces. Here, trends in new music, electronic composition, sound art, audio-visual art and radiophone art, Ars Acustica, combine to form a thematic unity. At the highest artistic level, compositional approaches with a focus on making spatial and intermediary composition strategies are explored and further developed. These include the development of spatial sound installations and sound installations, as well as performative concepts and media representations.

More Information

Klangkunst-Komposition (M.Mus.)

Klangkunst – Komposition

Requirements for the qualifying examination
The qualifying examination is comprised of a two-stage selection process.
Pre-selection: The qualifying examination committee will review the submitted documents and select which applicants are to be invited to a personal interview. These applicants will be informed about the topic of the admissions interview 8 to 12 weeks prior to the interview to be able to prepare a project sketch.
Admissions interview: Applicants will present their prepared project sketches as part of the admissions interview. The main purpose of the admissions interviews is to determine the applicant’s artistic background and general interests.

The following are to be included with the application for the qualifying examination:

Curriculum vitae
Written explanation of reasons for applying for this degree program
Program-specific portfolio of works
Depiction of planned artistic projects to be implemented during the degree program
An artistic project sketch relating to the field of sound art composition