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eContact! 19.3
Notation for Electroacoustic and Digital Media: Visual representation, communication and transmission /
Notation pour l’électroacoustique et les médias numériques: représentation visuelle, communication et transmission

[EN] Any discussion of notation for electroacoustic and digital media necessarily addresses several related and equally important issues. An understanding of the nature, needs and intentions of visual representation help ensure the effective, appropriate communication and transmission of the notated work or performance practice. (January 2018)

[FR] Toute discussion portant sur la notation pour l’électroacoustique et les médias numériques doit nécessairement aborder plusieurs questions afférentes toutes aussi importantes les unes que les autres. La compréhension de la nature, des besoins et des intentions liés à la représentation visuelle permet d’assurer la communication et la transmission efficaces et appropriées de l’¦uvre ou de la pratique de performance écrite. (janvier 2018)


by jef chippewa


The Visualization and Representation of Electroacoustic Music
by David Gray

[F] Observer le processus de constitution d’une notation musicale en direct/
[E] Observing in Real Time the Making of a New System of Musical Notation
by Evelyne Gayou

From UPIC to IanniX: Development of a three-dimensional graphic, open source environment for music, sound and beyond
by Julian Scordato

What You See Is What You Hear: Using visual communication processes to categorize various manifestations of music notation
by Christian Fischer


Typology and Problematics of Fixed Notation for the Representation of Electroacoustic and Digital Media: Preamble; Part I. Waveform display notation
by jef chippewa

Doodling in the Posthuman Corpus: Wherefore scoring in the minds of machines?
by Matthew Reid Horrigan

New Behaviours and Strategies for the Performance Practice of Real-Time Notation
by Seth Shafer

Looking Back, Looking Forward: Reflecting on the past for a notation of the future
by Alyssa Aska and Martin Ritter


Monday Nights at The Kitchen Were Dark. Until…: Interview with American composer Rhys Chatham
by Bob Gluck

A Mess of Equipment and NYU’s Electronic Music Studio: Interview with American composer Brian Fennelly
by Bob Gluck

Acoustic Composers Also Need to Know About Electronic Music: Interview with Brazilian composer Marlos Nobre
by Bob Gluck


An Artist’s Reading of the New Funding Model Implemented by the Canada Council for the Arts in 2017
by jef chippewa

[NEW] eContact! 18.4 — TIES 2016
Contributions by John Oswald, Jane/KIN, Joseph Sannicandro, Terri Hron…

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