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DEGEM News – NEWS – Extended Deadline – June 17: Call for Works, Application Giga-Hertz Award 2018

Von: ZKM | Institut für Musik und Akustik via cec confeerence
Datum: Fri, 1 Jun 2018
Betreff: [cec-c] Extended Deadline – June 17: Call for Works, Application Giga-Hertz Award 2018


Online application Giga-Hertz Award 2018
New period of submission: 15.3.2018 – 17.6.2018
The Giga-Hertz Award comprises a total of two special awards for electronic and acousmatic music. Their goal is to initiate and support new projects. Candidates are judged on the basis of a composition not more than five years old and a proposal for a projected work. The focus of the Special Prizes is to honor a work, and not a person. The competition is advertised publicly each year and is open to composers of all ages.

The works submitted can be of diverse combinations and types of style. There are no aesthetic constraints, only functional criteria that relate to content.

Thus, all compositions submitted should meet at least one of the following criteria:

Compositions using live electronics
Composition for fixed media
Mixed music
Concert installation
Transmedial composition
Experimental sound performance
Interdisciplinary performance (with relevant music or sound components)

This year, the topic area of artificial intelligence should be given particular attention in the selection of the working scholarship. In this context, artists should be motivated to apply in particular with musical works which have been realized through the use of artificial neural networks. Alongside this, other works which have been realized with digital or electronic technology can also be submitted.

Previous awardees of the Grand Prize were important figures like Laurie Anderson, Curtis Roads, Brian Eno, Pierre Henry, Pierre Boulez, John Chowning, Francis Dhomont, Jean-Claude Risset, Pauline Oliveros, Emmanuel Nunes, Gottfried Michael Koenig, Trevor Wishart and Jonathan Harvey. Giga-Hertz Special Prizes former years went inter alia to Hans Tutschku, Maurilio Cacciatore, Astral Colonels, Huihui Cheng, Elvira Garifzyanova, Alexander Schubert, Jagoda Szmytka & Vinyl -terror & -horror.

Registration is via online application. On the online form you enter all the necessary information. Application deadline: June 17, 2018!

For further information see https://zkm.de/en/research-production/awards/giga-hertz-award/online-application-giga-hertz-award-2018

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