[ 9. Juli 2019 ]


Von: Annesley Black
Datum: Tue, 9 Jul 2019

Liebe Freunde, geschätzte Kolleg*Innen und Neue-Musik-Interessierte

A cordial reminder of an upcoming concert … come SCRAP with LUX:NM and I in Berlin this Friday!

12.07..2019 – 20:00 – Berlin
Radialsystem, Holzmarktstr. 33, 10243, Berlin
LUX:NM (BERLIN) spielen SCRAP (2019) und weitere Stücke von Bauckholt, Mello, Varga, Streich und Omelchuk.
LUX:NM (BERLIN) play SCRAP (2019) and further pieces by Bauckholt, Mello, Varga, Streich und Omelchuk.

HEROINES OF SOUND Festival- full programme
Produktion → HEROINES OF SOUND http://www.heroines-of-sound.com/



. . . weiteres- am 13.07 in selben Festival werde ich bei einem Panel mitwirken:
13.07.- 18:00 Radialsystem. Panel- Enttabuisierung, Fehler und Scheitern als ästhetische Strategien mit Laura Mello, Alain Franco, Moderation: Sabine Sanio.

About SCRAP for Saxophones, Trombone, Akkordeon, Piano, Violoncello and live-electronics.

Scrap – as noun: a small, detached piece / a fragment of something written, printed or spoken/ the least bit/ (plural): parts rejected or discarded and useful only as material for reprocessing – as a verb: to convert into scrap/ to abandon or get rid of as no longer of enough worth or effectiveness to retain/ to quarrel, fight.

SCRAP, for LUX:NM plays with the borders between one small bit, or scrap to another. The edges of the scraps are articulated and perpetually redefined. There is no material of higher consequence, the focus is on the smallest audible point, which is then further divided and combined with non-indigenous sound particles to create new scraps. The similarities or differences of the particles produce relationships and a dialogue between the scraps, which result in higher-level transformations.

The scraps resound in the concert space. The live-electronic processing recombines direct and the distant on both space and time-plane. Newfound identities of the immediate scraps and their borders are challenged, reshaped by their combinations with samples, or ghosts, of formerly articulated particles and scraps.

The tension in the piece arises from the desire of each scrap to remain in our memory as the primordial instance, the definitive identity, of SCRAP.

. . . weiteres – SAVE THE DATE
15.08. 2019 – Frankfurt am Main: KunstKulturKirche Allerheiligen: Ensemble electronic ID
Sarah Heemann spielt innermost tidings of the tube (2018) for flute and endoscope camera

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Annesley Black

Annesley Black

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