[ 14. November 2018 ]

DEGEM News – NEWS – INA-GRM streamed music now that the label is gone from Naxos

Von: Adrian J Moore via cec conference
Datum: Wed, 14 Nov 2018
Betreff: [cec-c] INA-GRM streamed music now that the label is gone from Naxos

Until a year or so ago, the INA-GRM label was on the Naxos website. This was as fantastic a resource as electrotheque.com as I could stream the whole of Parmegiani, Bayle and Ferrari on the fly. But no more.

Naxos helpfully informed me (not) „we regret to inform you label INA GRM – IGM has been removed from all of our sites as the company who handles their licensing has ceased to operate.“ (er…what company…so who is licensing now?)

There are illegal bits and pieces on other websites but nothing properly curated and contextualised.
I have most of the label on CD in my personal library but the streaming was very useful at work.
Anyone know where (in particular) an institution might get hold of streamed Parmegiani, Bayle and Ferrari (Ferreyra and many others on the INA-GRM label)?


ps. Apologies if I asked this to the list a year ago…I can’t remember. I’m recommending in feedback that someone listen to ‚Dedans-Dehors‘ (complete) and suddenly thought…how? CD from the library (um….students don’t have CD players any more; not sure if we actually have it). There are other solutions but the one I want is an online-stream with notes / cover art.

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