[ 2. November 2018 ]

DEGEM News – NEWS – Javier Garavaglia: NEWS November 2018 (Saarbrücken and London)

Von: Javier Garavaglia
Datum: Thu, 1 Nov 2018
Betreff: Javier Garavaglia: NEWS November 2018 (Saarbrücken and London)

Dear Friends & Colleagues

November NEWSLETTER – Javier Garavaglia

1) eviMus 2018 – Saarbrücken – GERMANY
Performance of MINIATURSTÜCK I, octophonic acousmatic music (2010)
Saturday, November 3rd, 23:00. KONZERT VII / NUIT BLANCHE – Akusmatische Musik.

Programm 2018

2) SOUND/IMAGE COLLOQUIUM 2018 – Exploring sonic and audio-visual practice / November 10 & 11 – LONDON, UK

PRESENTATION: ‘Sound Spatialisation for the Same Acousmatic Composition in Different Venues Featuring High-Density Loudspeaker Arrays’

Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences
University of Greenwich
Old Royal Naval College
Park Row
Greenwich SE10 9LS

Sound-Image Colloquium | Sound-Image Conference
SOUND/IMAGE: Exploring sonic and audio-visual practice 10-11 November 2018. We are delighted to be holding this event once again this year. The Sound/Image colloquium explores the relationships between sounds and images, and the images which sounds can construct by themselves.
Best wishes