[ 21. Mai 2020 ]

DEGEM News – NEWS – More Sonology online concerts [Kees Tazelaar]

Von: Kees Tazelaar
Datum: Sat, 16 May 2020
Betreff: More Sonology online concerts

Dear members of the Sonology Concerts mailing list,
Under normal circumstances we would have been together tonight in the Royal Conservatoire’s wonderful Arnold Schoenbergzaal, enjoying multichannel fixed media pieces, live electronic music, improvised music, etc.
Instead, Konrad Boehmer Visiting Professors Nic Collins, Horacio Vaggione, Daniel Teruggi, Evan Parker and Cathy van Eck were kind enough to make their work available to you through an online playlist, which you will find here:
Several composers at Sonology, including myself, have been making special binaural mixes of their works, which will give a multichannel playback experience when listened to on headphones. A SoundCloud playlist, which will see regular updates, is available here:
Please feel free to share this email with anyone interested.

Kees Tazelaar and all students and staff at Sonology.

And of course, the Konrad Boehmer Visiting Professors‘ playlist includes a work by Peter Ablinger too!