[ 27. November 2017 ]

DEGEM News – NEWS – MTI presents: Telematic Hacking – LIVE STREAM

Von: James Andean
Datum: Mon, 27 Nov 2017
Betreff: [cec-c] MTI presents: Telematic Hacking – LIVE STREAM

Join us online this Wednesday, November 29th, at 7pm for the LIVE STREAM of the next event in De Montfort University’s Music, Technology & Innovation 2017-18 concert series:

INTERFACES project presents: Telematic Hacking Initiative – Exposition I (opening event)

The De Montfort University Music, Technology & Innovation 2017-18 concert series presents:


Location: the Net/UK/Athens

***LIVE STREAM available from the Interfaces Network YouTube channel:
…or via the Dirty Electronics twitter feed:

Exposition I (opening event):
Wednesday November 29th 2017, 19:00 (GMT)
PACE Building, Richmond Street, Leicester UK, LE2 7BQ
Free entry

A group of leading artists exploring the materiality of the Net meet in a telematic room. Over a series of meetings a new work emerges. Tools and hardware hacks to sound the network will be investigated. The devising will be ‘televised’ online and the telepresent audience will be invited to make their own ‘instrument’ for performance. The telematic meetings will coalesce in exposition events at a set time and physical location.

Artists include:
Network Ensemble

Tim Shaw
Latest Work

Aram Bartholl

Dirty Electronics

Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens
Tim Ward
Yiannis Kotsonis
Orestis Plakias

Telematic hacking initiative is in partnership with Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre of De Montfort University and the Οnassis Cultural Centre Athens in the framework of the INTERFACES project supported by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.

DMU will contribute to the telematics arts initiative focusing on hacking, as a particularly appropriate means of telematic performance. Many sounds from hacked instruments have unique characteristics and behaviours and do not operate in the same manner as traditional instruments. Such issues as latency in networked performance will not be seen as a detriment, but instead as part of the material nature of the Net that offers unique possibilities for making music together. DMU will work with hackers, cyber security experts and artists facilitating international collaborative works and coordinate a number of telematics events and expositions which can be seen as a live stream or later on a YouTube channel. The basic concept here is to, for example, legally hack internet routers so that they are able to sonify the movement of data across the Internet. International partners in New Zealand, China and throughout Europe will work on this project alongside the other Interfaces partners such as OCC in Greece.

The impact of this initiative may not be primarily in the large number of users within a finite amount of time, but instead, enabling the creation of a new, technology-driven form of community-based music making crossing age groups, levels of ability and cultural background possible and most importantly bringing together people from all around Europe. The community of interest will grow well beyond the end of the project’s duration.