[ 2. Februar 2019 ]

DEGEM News – NEWS – New book on Tele-improvisation

Von: Roger Mills via Kevin Austin via cec conference
Datum: Fri, 1 Feb 2019
Betreff: [cec-c] New book on Tele-improvisation

…my new book, Tele-Improvisation: Intercultural Interaction in the Online Global Music Jam Session has just been published in Springer Cultural Computing Series.

https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783319710389 -The link provides necessary details to order it for your institution.

The book draws on case studies of intercultural tele-improvisatory music making focusing player interaction and experience from different cultural perspectives.It describes how cross-cultural musicians negotiate spatial and temporal dislocation, distributed agency, as well as the unfamiliar musical, cultural and phenomenological characteristics of telematic interaction.

It draws on my own practice-based research with Ethernet Orchestra as well as interviews with leading practitioners such as Ian Whalley, Ivan Zavada, Ken Fields, Nela Brown and founder of Sofasession Helmut Herglotz.

It also includes a great Forward by the pioneering telematic art and music practitioner, and theorist, Randall Packer, to introduce the context of the ideas it considers.

I will also be visiting UK and German university music and media faculties to introduce the book through presentations and performances in March and April.

It would be great to meet any list members who live in London, Bath, Bristol, Berlin and Cologne, so please get in contact if you would like more information. I am also happy to consider further oppportunities to group talk / discussions.

Best wishes


Dr. Roger Mills


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