[ 23. April 2018 ]

DEGEM News – NEWS – Node 9 Summer Workshops at McMaster, including Audio Programming

Von: Ogborn, David via cec conference
Datum: Mon, 16 Apr 2018
Betreff: [cec-c] Node 9 Summer Workshops at McMaster, including Audio Programming

You’re Invited: Node 9 Summer Workshops 2018
June 4-8 2018, McMaster University

The Node 9 Summer Workshops are a unique opportunity for media arts growth and knowledge exchange. Participants will spend five days on the McMaster campus, with specific sessions each day devoted to technical instruction, individual and collective guided work. There will be daily master classes by international artists, performances and discussions.

What: A full week of workshops and practice in Multimedia Storytelling and/or Audio Programming, with diverse participants, culminating in a performance of work created during the week. Daily master classes will be presented in the areas of live coding, audio programming, and digital and multimedia story making.

– Workshops: Monday 4th June – Friday 8th June, 10 AM – 5 PM each day
– Culminating Performance: Friday June 8th 5 PM

– Networked Imagination Laboratory, Pulse Lab, and L R Wilson Hall
– McMaster University Main Campus
– 1280 Main Street West, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Cost: No charge; technical support provided.

Hosts: Dr. David Ogborn and Dr. Paula Gardner, Department of Communication Studies and Multimedia.

Who is invited? We welcome applications from individuals of all experience levels, and those with none. Our intention is to combine individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets to ignite shared learning experiences, creative process and discoveries. We also seek to blend the experiences of those within and beyond the university community in this week of making and learning.

How do I register? Fill out the brief application at the following URL before the end of 30th April 2018. The application invites participants to identify if transportation or a week’s attendance at the workshop would present prohibitive financial hardship. Notification of acceptance will be returned to applicants by 4th May 2018. Application URL: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/6KMWQVH

Further details:

Individuals are asked to attend the full week of the workshop.

Individuals will be asked to choose a stream preference. Participants will be welcome to move between streams during the week; work will take place in Pulse Lab and the Networked Imagination Laboratory (McMaster campus) and in LR Wilson wall. Each day will offer a master class that all will attend as well as time to work individually or in self-created teams, in the various labs and work spaces.

Stream 1: Multimedia Storytelling: This stream focuses on the art of storytelling, allowing the story to choose its medium – analogue, digital or hybrid. Engaging Pulse Lab’s approach to making digital tools accessible, participants will be encouraged to transform a story idea into an experience, focusing on the intended audience, message, and how digital or analogue affordances effectively transform the story into an art form. We will provide support for technologies including storyboarding, introductory digital game design and storytelling platforms, podcasting, and more. The stream will be hosted by Pulse Lab, funded by the Asper Foundation, providing building and brainstorming space, projection space, and an array of digital tools.

Stream 2: Audio Programming: This stream focuses on diverse applications of audio programming, including live coding performance, laptop orchestras, network music collaborations, sound installations, generative music, sonification, the design of new digital musical instruments and more. We’ll use software like Estuary, Max, Pure Data, SuperCollider and TidalCycles to take advantage of the rich technical resources provided by the Networked Imagination Laboratory (NIL, a research space funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation and Ontario’s Ministry of Research, Innovation, and Science), including a large, reconfigurable array of loudspeakers, and servers and high bandwidth connectivity for network music.

Questions can be emailed to Stephanie Pereira .