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DEGEM News – NEWS – Official launching of ServerGRIS, March 26, 2018

Von: Normandeau Robert via cec conference
Datum: Mon, 26 Mar 2018
Betreff: [cec-c] Official launching of ServerGRIS, March 26, 2018

March 26, 2018

ServerGRIS is now available.
Version 1.04.

The Groupe de Recherche en Immersion Spatiale (GRIS) from the Faculty of Music of University of Montreal that I lead is proud to offer the first public version of ServerGRIS, software for multichannel spatial sound.

ServerGRIS is an external multichannel sound spatializer for different configurations of speakers in 2D (plane mode: X and Y axis) or 3D (vertical mode: X, Y and Z axis). It is based on the JackRouter HAL plugin which is installed with the Server. ServerGRIS may include up to 128 inputs and outputs. The movements are sent from the SpatGRIS plugin in OSC mode to the ServerGRIS (or from any OSC source). The audio spatialization itself is made by the ServerGRIS and sent to the audio interface.

The main difference between the SpatGRIS plugin in audio mode and the combination SpatGRIS/ServerGRIS is that the former is limited by the DAW’s maximum number of outputs per track, which usually varies from 2 to 8. This means that the user is limited to octophonic spatialization. SpatGris also doesn’t take into account the vertical dimension of the spatialization (2D only). ServerGRIS does have a practical limitation of up to 128 outputs (that should fit most of the speaker orchestra…) and is a 3D software.
ServerGRIS started to be developed in 2017. Beta testing took place between June 2017 and March 2018.
We have already used it many times in concerts and workshops with no problems.

— JackRouter is at the centre of the configuration, but don’t worry, everything is handled by the ServerGRIS!
— ServerGRIS is multiclient
— It is possible to design your own speaker setup
— Three algorithms are implemented at the moment: VBAP (for dome of speakers), BINAURAL (for headphones), STEREO (for 2 speakers). DBAP is coming.
— A multitrack recorder is included
— A complete manual is included in the Help menu
— It’s easy to use, just read the QuickStart document!
— It’s free!

Information and download at our new web site:

Comments are welcome.

Thanks to the team.


Robert Normandeau
Professeur titulaire de composition électroacoustique
Responsable du bac en musiques numériques
Directeur du GRIS
Faculté de musique, B-660 514-343-6111 poste 3486
Université de Montréal