[ 10. Juni 2018 ]

DEGEM News – NEWS – Open-source Spatial Audio VST library – SPARTA

Von: Pablo Garcia-Valenzuela
Datum: Tue, 5 Jun 2018
Betreff: Re: [cec-c] Open-source Spatial Audio VST library – SPARTA

I just wanted to quickly share a link to a new open-source spatial audio VST plug-in suite developed at the Acoustics Lab, Aalto University, Finland.

The library includes the following plug-ins:

AmbiDEC: frequency-dependent Ambisonic decoder for loudspeakers or headphones; with SOFA file support.

AmbiENC: a simple Ambisonic panner supporting up to 64 input channels and up to 7th order output.

Array2SH: converts microphone array signals into Ambisonic signals; includes presets for A-format mics, Zylia array, Eigenmike etc.

Binauraliser: direct HRTF-based binauraliser up to 64 input channels; with SOFA file support.

Panner: a flexible frequency-dependent VBAP-based 3-D panner.

Powermap: represents the relative sound energy for multiple directions using Ambisonic signals as input; it includes PWD, MVDR, and MUSIC algorithms.

Rotator: an Ambisonic rotator, which supports head-tracking via OSC messages.

SLDoA: frequency-dependent Direction-of-Arrival estimator, which operates on Ambisonic signals up to 7th order.

For more information and for the VST download links: http://research.spa.aalto.fi/projects/sparta_vsts/
The source code can also be found here: https://github.com/leomccormack/SPARTA

Janani Fernandez