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DEGEM News – NEWS – TENOR 2018 Call for Papers: Extended Deadlines

Von: Pierre Couprie via cec conference
Datum: Tue, 12 Dec 2017
Betreff: [cec-c] TENOR 2018 Call for Papers: Extended Deadlines

TENOR 2018 Call for Papers: Extended Deadlines!

Abstract registration: December 29, 2017.
Paper submission (for registered abstracts): January 7, 2018.

Conference website: http://tenor2018.tenor-conference.org
Submission via EasyChair: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=tenor2018

Call for Papers:

TENOR 2018 will be hosted by Concordia University, McGill University and Université de Quebec à Montréal and their institutes matralab, CIRMMT, Hexagram Network and Milieux.

The first three TENOR conferences have established the growing relevance of emergent technologies of notation and representation for a wide range of musical practices: composers, performers, theoreticians, performance researchers, historians, ethnomusicologists, archivists etc. The fourth TENOR conference in Montréal will continue to offer a lively forum for current research into situative scores, softwares, hardware, performance practices and theories of notation and representation in musicking, but we also intend to expand the scope of the conference by calling for papers on:

– critical, aesthetic and sociological examinations of the interactions between new notation technologies and performance
– notation technologies for non-eurological* and/or non-art music (incl. never-before-notated music)
– notation/representation technologies for time-based arts beyond music (dance, performance art, theatre, circus arts, animation, film etc.)
– notations for space, gesture, movement etc.
– non-visual notation systems (tactile, aural, olfactory, etc.)
– digital games as notation (music as a game)
– notation and neurocognition (how does notation work? which interactions/relationships can exist between specific notation technologies and neurocognition).

Submission guidelines:

– Papers must be written in English and must use and comply with the latex (preferred) or word templates provided.
– Full papers and original work (not already published) must be submitted by January 7, 2018.
– Paper length should be between 4 and 10 pages.

Proposals will be accepted as oral presentations or posters. Please state which presentation mode is preferred in the submission form. The Program Committee reserves the right to switch categories upon acceptance of a submission.

The duration of an oral presentation will be 15 minutes followed by a question period of 5 minutes. Posters must be printed by the presenters in A1 format before the conference and will be presented in dedicated sessions.

All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings, under an ISSN/ISBN reference, and will be archived online after the conference.

Submissions as PDF file only. Upon acceptance, all sources (.tex or .docx) and embedded graphics will be required as a zipped package. The use of the LaTeX template is strongly recommended. Download the Paper Template from the conference website: http://matralab.hexagram.ca/tenor2018/calls

* disambiguation: „eurological“ is a term introduced by George E. Lewis in reference to jazz music. This term has since been appropriated to designate performance-oriented music composed within the European/Western music infrastructure. All musicking that relies on aesthetics, musicians, scores, instruments, infrastructures, and technologies that evolved in the history of European/Western art music is, in this perspective, „euro-logical“.