[ 17. September 2019 ]

DEGEM News – RADIO – Acoustic Frontiers playlist August 2019

Von: ralph hopper
Datum: Tue, 3 Sep 2019
Betreff: Acoustic Frontiers playlist August 2019

Acoustic Frontiers playlist

Airing on CKCU-FM (www.ckcufm.com for live streaming), 93.1, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – for playlist and On Demand audio archive go to: http://cod.ckcufm.com/programs/46/info.html

12:30 to 14:00 eastern time zone, each Monday
Host/producer – Ralph Hopper
Email: ralph.hopper@rogers.com
Composers with EA/computer music compositions are always welcome [and encouraged] to provide a copy for airplay. Please contact me for information

August 2019 #712-715

Sebastian Edin Metamorphoses 2018 Vestiges
Pierre-Luc Senecal Metamorphoses 2018 Schrei
Sam Salem Soundcloud Himlen Var
Sam Salem Soundcloud Derive
Hazy Montagne Mystique Alison, c’est ma copine à moi Sequence 56
Hazy Montagne Mystique Alison, c’est ma copine à moi Acte Intro
Hazy Montagne Mystique Alison, c’est ma copine à moi Electron
Yota Kobayashi sonus Kakusei
Paul Dolden Intoxication by Speed Physics of Seduction, Invocation #3
Johannes Sistermanns self Rion Ma
Johannes Sistermanns self Abheben hex 5
Andrew Hill self Abstracted Journeys
Andrew Hill self Re-enlivening the Archaic
Sophie Delafontaine Accord ouvert Ondiésop
James Andean Assemblance[s] Dechirure
Ragnar Grippe self The Road
Dominique Bassal Ubiquite L’inenarrable Nout
Matthew Grouse Soundcloud Trio
Robert Scott Thompson Acousma Oneiromancy
James Paul Sain self Beondegi
Sam Salem Soundcloud The Sun Warms The Memory
William Schottstaedt Computer Music Currents 3 Leviathan
Levy Oliveira Metamorphoses 2018 Reminiscencias
Rocio Cano Valino Metamorphoses 2018 Asterion
Yota Kobayashi Cache 2008 Tensho
Adrian Moore Traces Dreamarena
Lo YeeOn Cultures Electroniques 10 Portrait of Timbre as a Wild Wooddove
Andrew Lewis Cultures Electroniques 10 Ascent
Yves Gigon sonus Cercle visqueux

45north band – great Canadian jazz [info on web site]
Acoustic Frontiers, each Monday at 12.30pm [eastern] at 93.1 fm in Ottawa or for live streaming and On Demand archive – https://cod.ckcufm.com/programs/46/info.html
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