[ 8. Januar 2019 ]

DEGEM News – RADIO – Acoustic Frontiers playlist December 2018

Von: ralph hopper
Datum: Sun, 6 Jan 2019
Betreff: Acoustic Frontiers playlist December 2018

Acoustic Frontiers playlist

Airing on CKCU-FM (www.ckcufm.com for live streaming), 93.1, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – for playlist and On Demand audio archive go to: http://cod.ckcufm.com/programs/46/info.html

12:30 to 14:00 eastern time zone, each Monday
Host/producer – Ralph Hopper

Email: ralph.hopper@rogers.com

Composers with EA/computer music compositions are always welcome [and encouraged] to provide a copy for airplay. Please contact me for information

December 2018 #676-680

Felipe Otondo Chile self Night Study No. 1

Felipe Otondo self Irama

Ethernet Orchestra Diaspora August 14.2/14.3/14.4

James Bailey sonus And all that there is within

Juan Carlos Vasquez Collages Collage 1
Juan Carlos Vasquez Collages Collage 2
Juan Carlos Vasquez Collages Collage 3

Chin Ting Chan Electronic Masters vol 6 Katachi 1
James Vanderame Electronic Masters vol 6 Journey

Nikos Stavropoulos self Karst Grotto

Nigel Samways Soundcloud Nine Barrow Down

Louise Rossiter self Homo Machina

Daniel Cabanzo Soundcloud In suspension

Vahid Jahandari Soundcloud The Vulture

Roland Kuit self Brush

Mirjam Tally sonus New Moon Morning

Sever Tipei Electronic Masters vol 6 Figer

Aural Initiative sonus My head slipped into a passing Nebula

Vanessa Sorce-Levesque JTTP 2018 Boarder Crossing

David Bergeron JTTP 2018 Dot organic

Claude Periard JTTP 2018 Terrains vagues
Gustavo Chab sonus Fluxion

Alyssa Aska JTTP 2016 City of Marbles

Robert Normandeau Tangram Tangram

Concordia Laptop Orchestra sonus Mallika Guhan’s Moods ll

Daniel Scheidt/ Catherine Lewis Action/Reaction Stories Told

Francis Dhomont Mouvances ~ Metaphores Mourir un peu

Cities and Memory file They Dream Their Sleep

Cities and Memory file Rubble Raking

Eldad Tsabary sonus Tikkun Nefesh

Gustavo Chab sonus Pulsar

45north band – great Canadian jazz [info on web site]
Acoustic Frontiers, each Monday at 12.30pm [eastern] at 93.1 fm in Ottawa or for live streaming and On Demand archive – https://cod.ckcufm.com/programs/46/info.html
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