[ 26. Februar 2018 ]

DEGEM News – RADIO – Acoustic Frontiers playlist January 2018

Von: ralph hopper
Datum: Tue, 20 Feb 2018
Betreff: Acoustic Frontiers playlist January 2018

Acoustic Frontiers playlist
Airing on CKCU-FM (www.ckcufm.com for live streaming), 93.1, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – for playlist and On Demand audio archive go to: http://cod.ckcufm.com/programs/46/info.html
12:30 to 14:00 eastern time zone, each Monday
Host/producer – Ralph Hopper
Email: ralph.hopper@rogers.com
Composers with EA/computer music compositions are always welcome [and encouraged] to provide a copy for airplay. Please contact me for information

January 2018 #629 – 633

Manuella Blackburn Petites etincelles Javaari
Gian Tenio Carlone sonus.ca L’homme qui n’a jamais pleuré
Liz Helman Daylight Dreaming Interzone
Liz Helman Daylight Dreaming Labyrinth
Xavier Menard Tensions bien tempérées Timbres sur toile 8.17
Xavier Menard Tensions bien tempérées Fragmentation[s]
Roeland Luyten Soundcloud Decyclage
Jeremy Zuckerman Soundcloud Voice and Movement
Jeremy Zuckerman Soundcloud Packing, Unpacking
Horacio Vaggione Fluides Mécanique des fluides
Lisa Cheney Soundcloud When we speak
Edgar Barroso Soundcloud ACU
Kasey Pocius self Metro
Kasey Pocius self BI?NARY
Audrey Poujoula/Jan Myslikovjan Odalisque Taiga
Marc McNulty Soundcloud Wave Function Collapse
Manuella Blackburn Petites etincelles Ice breaker
Horacio Vaggione Fluides PianoHertz
Ragnar Grippe self Ragnarok
Marie-Claude Tremblay sonus.ca Scordatura
Michael Lukaszuk sonus.ca Przypadek
Vanessa Sorce-Levesque sonus.ca Eclats de feux
Maxime Corbeil-Perron Polychrome Cubic
Stephen Ruppenthal & Brian Belet self A Strange Diversion
Eva Erbenius xtra hogtalare Sounds of Winter
Magnus Johansson xtra hogtalare Sent Om Sommaren
Mathias Josefson xtra hogtalare At Night It Sounds Like the Rustling of Leaves
Cities and Memory/The Next Station The Next Station is Covent Garden
Cities and Memory/The Next Station Eric Boivin A New Wembley
Cities and Memory/The Next Station Barney Spiegl London TransitMuzak
Raylene Campbell sonus.ca Idols of the Children
Raylene Campbell sonus.ca Rakini-love
Nichola Scrutton self Breathing Space
Wilfried Jentzsch CD XV Bells Evolution
Martin Supper CD XV lin t
Manuella Blackburn Petites etincelles Snap Happy
Damian Gorandi Soundcloud Tierras Insignes
EMEWS Soundcloud Down Time
Claudia Robles-Angel CD XV Blossoms
Richard Barrett Construction The Unthinkable
MMT_TCD/ Jenna Harris Soundcloud Penta
James O’Callaghan self In specific cities
Hans Mittendorf-Labiche Imaginare Landschaften Gesang der Winde

45north band – great Canadian jazz [info on web site]
Acoustic Frontiers, each Monday at 12.30pm [eastern] at 93.1 fm in Ottawa or http://www.ckcufm.com for live streaming and archived programs Also co-hosting the jazz program Swing Is In The Air, Sundays at 4pmMy reality TV is BNN