[ 19. Januar 2021 ]

DEGEM News – RADIO – Betreff: zukunftsmusik * future voices * a one-year-long-lasting radio stream

Von: anne wellmer
Datum: Sun, 17 Jan 2021
Betreff: zukunftsmusik * future voices * a one-year-long-lasting radio stream

Liebe Degem Mitglieder*Innen,

Was denkt Ihr über die Zukunft?
Was erwartet, erhofft, befürchtet, plant und erträumt Ihr für die Zukunft?
Ihr seid herzlich eingeladen dem 1 Jahr lang dauerenden Stream zuzuhören, die Projekt-Website im Laufe des Jahres immer wieder zu besuchen und eure eigenen Gedanken zur Zukunft beizutragen:

What do YOU think about the future?
What do YOU expect, fear, hope, propose, plan for the future?
you are kindly invited to listen, to explore and to contribute your thoughts about the future in a language of your choice to a one-year-long radio stream and online universe:

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S4NTP stream


Deutschlandfunk Kultur stream

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Future Voices / Zukunftsmusik is the most recent project created by S4NTP (Society for Non-Trivial Pursuits) – a group from the Generative Art / Computational Art class at UDK Berlin. The piece is premiering today on Deutschlandfunk Kultur and it will run for one year. The website and composition algorithms will change over time.

»Future Voices/Zukunftsmusik« invites people from all over the world to give voice to what they expect, plan, hope, think or fear for the future. Their contributions flow into a generative sound stream composed from these individual »Future Voices;« voices that would otherwise remain unheard within an attention economy that favours loudness, provocation, and conspiracy theories.

You are kindly invited to participate. Through our website, you can contribute by recording your voice expressing what you expect, hope, fear or think about the future (in the language of your choice).

These recordings will all be composed into a generative sound art stream that will last one year. Help us decentralize the visions of the future!

»Future Voices« will be online on our website until the end of 2021, as part of the Radio Lab Kontinuum commission by Deutschlandfunk Kultur / Klangkunst, ORF Kunstradio, and CTM Festival. The continuous stream will also be aired in between Deutschlandradio Kultur and ORF Austrian Broadcasting Service programmes throughout 2021.

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Live Streaming Premiere on Art’s Birthday 2021:

17 Jan 2021, 23:40 -00:00 (Berlin Time) on AIR on DLF Kultur

DLF future voices/zukunftsmusik radio stream

Future Voices in the ctm Festival virtual exhibition


the audio-visual online-environment will be premiered during CTM festival 2021
which takes place entirely online this year

Live streaming on S4NTP’s Future Voices Website



Today’s radio Sound art programme for Art’s Birthday:


2021 / 22:40 – 23:00 [gmt] From all over


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Thank you and see & hear you On Air!

the Gen-Comp Class a.k.a. Society for Nontrivial Pursuits


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