[ 1. Dezember 2018 ]

DEGEM News – STELLENAUSSCHREIBUNG – 10-month postdoc in soundscapes available

Betreff: [cec-c] Fwd: 10-month postdoc in soundscapes available
Datum: Wed, 28 Nov 2018 00:15:14 -0500
Von: Kevin Austin via cec conference


I’m looking for a postdoc to help finish off a funded project in soundscapes and machine listening. The project is called Making Sense of Sounds and is a collaboration between acoustics research at Salford and the machine listening group at Surrey. We have funding until 31 October 2019. I realise this is not as attractive as a 3- or 5-year post but it may be that you know of someone who would be interested.


The project is investigating how to make sense from sound data, focussing on how to convert sound recordings into understandable and actionable information, and specifically how to allow people to search, browse and interact with sounds. We have several outcomes for individual sounds and we have started to investigate time-varying urban soundscapes. The postdoc will be responsible for measuring and modelling how people perceive urban sound scenes, using quantitative and qualitative methods. The first task will be to build on a pilot soundscape experiment that we have run.


The job would suit a researcher interested in seeing their soundscape research getting turned into useful tools with machine learning. We’re looking for someone with a PhD in experimental psychology, psychoacoustics, audio perception or a research topic with significant content directly relevant to understanding perception. We’d expect experience in designing perceptual studies and in multidimensional statistical analysis. Experience with Matlab, Python or R are desirable.


The closing date for applications is 16 December and we expect to interview on 7 January. (Interviews by Skype are fine.) More details and the application form are at:






Bill Davies


Professor Bill Davies

Acoustics Research Centre  |  School of Computing, Science and Engineering

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