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DEGEM News – STELLENAUSSCHREIBUNG – [ak-discourse] PhD positions at the MTG in the context of a Chair on AI and Music (Barcelona, Spain)

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Datum: Wed, 7 Feb 2024
Betreff: [ak-discourse] PhD positions at the MTG in the context of a Chair on AI and Music (Barcelona, Spain)


PhD positions on AI and Music 

Application deadline: March 19th 2024
Starting date of PhD: October 2024

In the context of the UPF-BMAT Chair on AI and Music, we offer 6 PhD positions to cover various topics related to the development of AI models to support the music sector. These topics are:

  1. Sound and music representation learning.
  2. Multimodal music processing.
  3. Machine listening.
  4. Generative music.
  5. Computational musicology.
  6. Music performance analysis.

All PhD students are expected to contribute to various stages of AI model development, including in dataset curation, model architecture and training pipeline design, comprehensive validation of the resulting models, and integration into ready-to-use software tools and APIs that the MTG is developing, such as Essentia and Freesound.

The Music Technology Group (MTG) of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, part of its Department of Information and Communication Technologies, aims to advance information and communication technologies related to sound and music through competitive research at the international level while transferring its results to society. To achieve this goal, and guided by our values, the MTG strives to strike a balance between basic and applied research and encourages interdisciplinary approaches that incorporate knowledge and methodologies from both scientific/technological and humanistic/artistic disciplines.

We are seeking candidates with the following qualifications:

  • Completed or soon-to-be completed master’s studies in Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, or Music/Audio Technology.
  • Research experience in the PhD topic being applied for.
  • Experience in machine learning and audio signal processing.
  • Strong programming skills in Python and C/C++.
  • Musical training (in performance, production, composition, or theory).
  • Fluency in English (written and spoken).
  • Ability to work in interdisciplinary teams and multicultural environments.
  • Passion for research and alignment with the MTG’s values.

MTG is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive community and incorporates these principles into our student admissions processes. We particularly welcome applications from women and underrepresented groups, as well as from applicants in all stages of life.

The UPF-BMAT Chair on Artificial Intelligence and Music is an initiative of the Music Technology Group (MTG) at the Department of Engineering of Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), in collaboration with BMAT, a company specializing in music technology. The Chair is part of the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy (ENIA), co-funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of Spain and BMAT Music Innovators. The Chair’s research focuses on AI methodologies for music creation, production, distribution, protection, licensing and education, with a specific emphasis on developing technologies to support the music sector.

Once selected, the successful candidates will enroll in the PhD program of the Department of Information and Communication Technologies at UPF. Practical and administrative information about the PhD program, including admission requirements, are available here: https://www.upf.edu/web/etic/admission.

Interested individuals should send their CV, a motivation letter, and a preliminary draft of a thesis proposal outlining a possible research plan related to one of the proposed research topics to mtg-info@upf.edu.

  • Music performance analysis.


More information:

PhD positions on AI and Music



Xavier Serra

Music Technology Group

Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona