[ 5. Juni 2011 ]

HANNOVER – Csound Conference 2011 – Call for Papers and Workshops will end in 10 days

Von: joachim heintz
Datum: 5. Juni 2011 18:09:52 MESZ

This is a reminder about the deadlines of the calls:
Call for Papers: June 15
Call for Workshops: June 15
Call for Music: July 1st
Please see below for more information –

joachim heintz

Ways Ahead
First International Csound Conference
September 30 – October 2 2011, HMTM Hannover, Germany

Incontri, the Institute for new music at the University of Music, Drama
and Media Hannover, is proud to invite you to the first International
Csound Conference. Csound, more than 25 years after its creation, has
changed in many ways during the years, and so has the situation of
computer music in general. What is the role of Csound in current
electronic music practice, teaching and learning? What are the
challenges, potentials, and perspectives of the ways ahead? This meeting
looks to provide discussion between developers and users, and to show
aspects of the Csound Language in papers, workshops, installations, and
a concert.

As this conference is mainly focused on the present situation and
further development of Csound, papers which discuss this topic in regard
to the technology, the community, the documentation or the ways of
learning, are mostly welcome. But you are also encouraged to send any
paper which deals with any Csound related content.
Papers should be about 4-8 pages. Please use the templates found here:
Please upload your paper at
http://www.easychair.org/account/signin.cgi?conf=csndc2011 .
If you have no easychair account, you will be asked to create one first.
Paper draft submission: June 15
Notification of acceptance: July 15
Final Paper submission: September 1

Please describe the topic on which you like to hold a workshop, and what
you need (time frame, technics, optimal number of participants, etc).
Please upload your description in html format at
http://www.easychair.org/account/signin.cgi?conf=csndc2011 . If you have no
easychair account, you will be asked to create one first.
Workshop draft submission: June 15
Notification of acceptance: July 15

There will be a concert on october 1st with pieces which were made
mainly with Csound, either fixed media or with live electronics (maximum
eight speakers). In addition, sound installations can be performed
during the conference in the foyer of the HMTMH. Please send your
suggestions by ordinary mail to
Joachim Heintz,
HMTM Hannover,
Emmichplatz 1,
D-30175 Hannover.

Each submission must contain:
1. A CD or DVD with the files to be played at the conference (aiff or wav).
2. A CD with a stereo mixdown of your work.
3. A short presentation of the piece.
4. A short biography of the creator(s).
5. A signed copy of
http://www.incontri.hmtm-hannover.de/uploads/media/ConcertAgreement.pdf or
in which the creator(s) agree(s) to the condition for the concert/installation.

Our abilities to perform Videos are rather poor; so if you submit works
containing images you must accept compromises in performing them.

Submission deadline: July 1
Notification of acceptance: August 1

The Csound Conference is held by Incontri, the electronic studio in the
institute for new music at HMTM Hannover, Germany, in cooperation with
the institute of journalism and communication research, with kind
support from the following institutions:

Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer elektroakustische Musik, Germany
Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA
National University of Ireland in Maynooth, Ireland
Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway
University of Bath, UK