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INTERNET – eContact! 15.3 — CEC@25 (online / en ligne)

Subject: eContact! 15.3 — CEC@25 (online / en ligne)
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2014
From: CEC jef chippewa

eContact! 15.3 — CEC@25 (online / en ligne)

PRESS RELEASE — for immediate diffusion / pour diffusion immédiate
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Communauté électroacoustique canadienne
(CEC) Canadian Electroacoustic Community

eContact! 15.3 — CEC@25
The CEC’s 25th Anniversary Tour / Tournée 25e anniversaire de la CEC

[E] The Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC) celebrated its 25th
anniversary with a cross-Canada tour in late 2011. Comprised of more
than 25 concerts, 10 seminars, over 2 dozen local presentations,
masterclasses, colloquiums and more, the tour was a brilliant
demonstration of the CEC’s on-going contribution to the support and
development of Canadian electroacoustic art, culture and infrastructure.
Extensive audio-visual documentation of the events is featured in this
issue. (March 2014)

With / Avec : David Arango-Valencia, Kevin Austin, Allison Balcetis,
Guillaume Barrette, Wende Bartley, Tim Bartoo, Martin Bédard, Dan
Brophy, Raylene Campbell, Guillaume Campion, Darren Copeland, Maxime
Corbeil-Perron, Mark Corwin, Ricardo Dal Farra, Wayne Defehr, Philip
Dickau, Carey Dodge, Louis Dufort, Arne Eigenfeldt, Victoria Fenner,
Kenneth Fields, Gordon Fitzell, Jullian Hoff, Philip Jagger, Bentley
Jarvis, Randy Jones, Clinker (Gary James Joynes), John Kamevaar, Gene
Kosowan, Colin Labadie, Giorgio Magnanensi, Amy McIntosh, Tom
Merklinger, Darren Miller, Gerry Morita, Richard Oddie, Gabrielle
Odowichuk, David Ogborn, Leonard J. Paul, Marc-André Perron, Shawn
Pinchbeck, Liss Platt, Zach Polis, Laurie Radford, Jean Routhier, Kearon
Roy Taylor, Örjan Sandred, Andrew Schloss, Will Scott, Christina Sealey,
Scott Smallwood, Jacek Sobieraj, D. Andrew Stewart, Nadene
Thériault-Copeland, Ben Thigpen, Barry Truax, Eldad Tsabary, Jeannie
Vandekerkhove, Jody Vandekerkhove, Robert Voisey… among others / entre

TIES 2014 — Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium (13-17 Aug)

Communauté électroacoustique canadienne (CEC) Canadian Electroacoustic
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