[ 23. Juni 2015 ]

INTERNET Star Me Kitten

Subject: Star Me Kitten

From: Alexander Schubert

Star Me Kitten

Dear all,

I would like to share with you the video of my current piece „Star Me

Kitten“, which was premiered by Soundinitiative at the Klang Festival in

Copenhagen in June.

Click above for the video

recording of the premiere.

The piece is for singer, flexible ensemble, live-electronics and


All further information and program notes can be found here


Other news include:


The above mentioned piece „Star Me Kitten“ features two short passages

during which commercial video spots are displayed. These advertising

slots can be rented for each performance of the piece.

Visit this page


rent advertising space for upcoming performances of the piece.

Read a portrait text

about my work, written by Leopold Hurt, published in Positionen.

Upcoming and recent performances include:

22.11.2015 Decoder Ensemble concert, featuring „Sensate Focus“ Hamburg

14.11.2015 „Hello“ is performed Images Sonores, Liège, Belgium

12.11.2015 Decoder Ensemble concert, „Sensate Focus“ Berghain Berlin

07.11.2015 „Point Ones“ is performed in Tokyo

25.10.2015 „Hello“ is performed by Transit students Transit Leuven

24.10.2015 „Sensate Focus“ is performed by Ensemble +- Transit Leuven

30.09.2015 „Serious Smile“ is performed by „L’Instant Donné“ Strasbourg

21.09.2015 „Point Ones“ performed by Klangforum Wien. Vienna, Austria

12.09.2015 Lecture on „Sensate Focus“ Ultima Academy, Oslo

11.09.2015 „Sensate Focus“ is performed by Ensemble +- Ultima

Festival, Oslo

10.09.2015 „Point Ones“ performed by NADAR Ensemble Gaudeamus

05.09.2015 „Complete Superimpose Cycle“ is performed at Bendigo, Australia

22.08.2015 Neues Tonbandstück, Kampnagel Sommerfest, Hamburg

05.07.2015 „Hello“ is performed by Radar Ensemble, Lübeck

29.06.2015 Radio Feature Decoder Ensemble Radio rbb – 21.04 Uhr

26.06.2015 Presentation talk about my work, Next Generation, ZKM

14.06.2015 „Laplace Tiger“ is performed by Jonathan Shapiro, Hamburg,


11.06.2015 „Star Me Kitten“ is performed by soundinitiative Reims, France

06.06.2015 Presentation talk about my work, Kling Gut Festival, Hamburg

05.06.2015 „Laplace Tiger“ is performed by Jonathan Shapiro HAW, Hamburg

05.06.2015 „Laplace Tiger“ is performed by Drama! Madrid

05.06.2014 „Sugar, Maths and Whips“ is performed Conservatory of Brussels

04.06.2015 „Star Me Kitten“, premiered by Soundinitiative, Klang

Festival, DK

01.06.2015 Radio Feature Black Page orchestra, featuring „Point Ones“ ORF

All upcoming events can be found here


Thank you for your interest,

and all the best,


Our mailing address is:

Alexander Schubert


Hamburg 20000