[ 18. April 2016 ]

INTERNET – VLISSINGEN – WEBMINDSCAPE: Installation for brainwaves, sound and light

Subject: WEBMINDSCAPE: Installation for brainwaves, sound and light

From: claudia robles


Dear friends and colleagues,

I am pleased to invite you to the premiere of my new interactive

installation for brain waves, light and sound: *WEB-MINDSCAPE*, realised

during an artist-in-residence period at the IK Foundation in Netherlands

as a part of the ‘*ENERGIE-WECHSEL I*’’ exhibition curated by Dr. Uwe Rueth.

*WEB-MINDSCAPE* is an interactive audiovisual environment, created by

light and octophonic sound, in which visitors have the opportunity to

use an EEG interface, which measures their brain waves. The

installation makes visual and audible unconscious internal reactions

that are produced in the subject in front of an external impulse (in

this particular case, tweets sent either by the audience or coming

from the outside. The installation’s intention is to manifest ways in

which the inner-self of subjects/visitors is influenced by the outer-world.

Your all are invited to reach the installation by sending tweets using

#webmindscape, your messages will be part of the sound environment in

real time. If you cannot come to the opening, please join us by sending

your tweets.


Twitter: @claudearobles

Instagram: claudearobles

blog: http://icemserv.folkwang-hochschule.de/~robles/?p=426

This new installation has been made possible thanks to the support of

the IK Stichting and of the Institute of Musicology – University of Cologne


Sunday 24th April 2016 at 12 pm (CEST)

Stichting IK

Vlissingsestraat 239 a

4388 HC Vlissingen



24th April to 22nd May 2016

Saturdays and Sundays: 12 – 5 pm (CEST)

or by appointment.

More information:




best regards,

Claudia Robles-Angel