[ 19. Oktober 2013 ]

JOB – IRCAM is recruiting for its Research and Development department: One musical informatics programmer / engineer

Datum: 19. Oktober 2013 16:15:02 MESZ

IRCAM is recruiting for its Research and Development department
One musical informatics programmer / engineer
Full-time contract of 12 months
To be filled immediately

Job description: Within the Research and Development department, the Musical Representation (http://repmus.ircam.fr) research team develops innovative algorithms for interfaces of musical composition, production, improvisation and analysis.

The programmer will have to develop and implement the latest technologies and algorithms devoted to the research software prototype for musical orchestration in C/C++. This project allows to find automatically an orchestral score to reproduce any sound (voice, noises, …) using only acoustic instruments (violins, oboes, trumpets, …). The current version of the project is only prototyped in Matlab / MySQL and conceptualized within an objectoriented programming paradigm. Thus, the challenge of this mission is to perform a robust implementation in C++ based on a SQL database, all under the constraints of efficiency and restricted memory usage. The end of the mission will consist in ensuring the final versions of the system and developing the musical applications and interfaces of the
system. In this part, the programmer will collaborate to the creation of orchestral works by renowned composers.

Missions: The candidate will have to handle :
– Creation of the intelligent sound database system in SQL
– Implementation of systems applications based on sound data (time series analysis)
– Optimizing SQL database and query efficiency
– Creation of the project architecture in C++
– Implementation of the search algorithms from Matlab to C++
– Optimization of the heuristic search computation time
– Optimization and management of memory constraints due to the combinatorial problem
– OSC communication system for interfacing with Max / MSP and OpenMusic
– Creating packages for demonstration and final distribution
– Musical experiments and applications.
Required expertise: The candidate shall demonstrate
– Strong programming skills in C / C++ and object-oriented paradigms.
– Excellent knowledge of database systems and SQL.
– Excellent knowledge of optimization and heuristic.
– Good knowledge of Matlab.
– Good knowledge of signal processing.
– High productivity, methodical and creative work
– Excellent programming style and project structure management.
– Independence and good communication.
– Musical knowledge is a plus.

Salary: Depending on training and expertise.

Application deadline : November 15th, 2013 Please send a cover letter and a resume detailing the level of experience / expertise in the areas mentioned above to Philippe.Esling@ircam.fr (Philippe Esling, head of the orchestration project), as well as potential links to previously completed development projects and softwares.