[ 27. Mai 2013 ]

KÖLN – Avant Avantgarde @ Stadtgarten, 30.5.2013

Von: Frau W
Betreff: Do 30.5. / 20°° : Avant Avantgarde @ Stadtgarten Köln

Liebe Freunde und Kollegen,
Dear friends and colleagues,

Do, 30.5. – 20°°
Stadtgarten, 30/05/2013, 20°°
Avant Avantgarde sucht nach den Außenseitern und den frühen
Klangpionieren, die offenbar das 20ste Jahrhundert nicht erwarten
konnten, und die stille Vorreiter abenteuerlicher Musikproduktionen
wurden. Anhand von Partituren und Traktaten, die entstanden lange
bevor Terminologien wie „Neue Musik“, „zeitgenössiche Musik“,
„experimentell“ oder „Avantgarde“ entwickelt waren.

Avant Avant Garde is an anachronistic chase for experimental practices
in scores, prints and treatises way before terms such as „new“,
„contemporary“, „experimental“ or „avant garde“ music were conceived.
We dig in the history not in search of schools and trends of music
making. We dig to find maverick who could not wait until 20th century
to see themselves becoming silent patrons of most thrilling adventures
in sound making.


Introduction by Michał Libera and panel discussion with Aleks
Kolkowski, Max Eastley, Dženana Aganspahić

Arturas Bumšteinas, „Night on the Sailship“
quadrophonic composition conceived of recordings of baroque theatres‘
noise machines. The recording were made in Ekhof-Theater in Gotha,
Drottningholm Theatre in Stockholm as well as private collections of
Per Simon Edstrom and John Kapenekas.

short break

Lucio Capece & Dženana Aganspahić, „Tepsija Project“
performance rooted in a traditional Bosniak technique of „rotating
pan”. It is a way to distribute sound of a singing woman in a room by
a series of reflections from a manually rotated pan. In Cologne the
voice will be replaced by Lucio Capece’s saxophone, analog synthesizer
and microphones

Max Eastley & Aleks Kolkowski, „Waves and Ripples”
A musical exploration of sound through water using a variety of
objects, self-made and invented instruments and methods, performed on
three large amplified and illuminated aquariums. Their modus operandi
is derived, in part, from classic scientific hydroacoustical
experiments by Athanasius Kircher, Ernst Chladni and Daniel Colladen
among others, as well as the illusions of Robert Houdin.

Gamut ensemble, „spiritus vapores“
Frau W, Maciej Śledziecki, Radek Stawarz, Philip Zoubek
compositions for two self-constructed carillons by Gerhard Kern
extended with computer controllers, piano and viola, inspired by 17th
Century machine „arca musarithmica“ by Athanasius Kircher.

Klangregie: Ralf Meinz
Organization: ZAM e.v., Foundation 4.99
Curators: Michał Libera, Maciej Śledziecki, Marion Wörle
www: avant-avantgarde.de
Contact: info@satelita.de, michal.libera@gmail.com
Cooperation: Guido Moebius, Monika Zarzycka (promotion), Marcin Barski
Support: Kulturstiftung des Bundes, NRW Kultur International, ON Neue
Musik Köln, Stiftung für Deutsche-Polnische Zusammenarbeit, Ministry
of Culture and National Heritage